Frequently asked questions about summer vacation in the Salzburger Sportwelt

one of the most beautiful vacation regions in Salzburger Land!

The Salzburger Sportwelt includes the seven resorts Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St.Johann, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos and is the perfect destination for families, athletes and pleasure seekers!
We are happy to answer the most common questions:

The Salzburger Sportwelt offers a variety of summer highlights for visitors and locals.
Here are some of the most popular activities:
Hiking and mountaineering: The Salzburger Sportwelt offers a variety of hiking trails and mountaineering routes with spectacular views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.
Cycling and mountain biking: The region is a paradise for cyclists and mountain bikers with well-signposted bike paths and challenging mountain bike trails.
Swimming and water sports: The numerous lakes and rivers in the region offer many opportunities for swimming, kayaking and stand-up paddling. Another highlight is the Amadé family spa in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee and the water world in Wagrain!
Golfing: There are several first-class golf courses in the Salzburger Sportwelt that can be enjoyed by beginners and experienced golfers alike.
Climbing and adventure sports: there are several climbing parks and high ropes courses in the region that offer a challenge for adventure sports enthusiasts.
Events: The Salzburger Sportwelt is also known for its numerous summer events and cultural events, including the Salzburger Bauernherbst, the children's festival in Radstadt and many more offers for young and old!Family activities: There are many activities for families, including themed hikes, adventure playgrounds and nature trails.
Wellness and relaxation: The region also offers many opportunities to relax and enjoy, such as the Therme Amadé, power spots and hikes for alpine health!

Summer in the Salzburger Sportwelt is generally pleasantly warm, but there can also be cool temperatures, especially at higher altitudes. Average temperatures in summer are usually between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius, but there can also be days when it is significantly warmer or cooler.It should be noted, however, that the weather in the mountains can change quickly and there can also be unpredictable weather conditions. Therefore, it is always advisable to prepare for the weather by taking layers of clothing to be able to react to changes in temperature and weather conditions.

For a summer vacation in the Salzburger Sportwelt you should pack the following things:
Hiking boots or comfortable shoes with good grip: The Salzburger Sportwelt is a hiker's paradise, so comfortable shoes with good grip are important.
Clothing in layers: The weather in the mountains can change quickly, so it is advisable to bring clothing in layers to be able to react to changes in temperature and weather conditions.
Rain jacket: rain showers can happen all the time, so you should have a waterproof rain jacket with you.
Sunscreen: the sun can be intense in the mountains, so pack sunscreen, sun hat and sunglasses.
Water bottle: hiking and outdoor activities can be dehydrating, so it is important to have a water bottle with you to keep yourself hydrated.
Backpack: A backpack is handy to have everything you need for day trips and hikes.
Swimwear: There are many lakes and swimming pools in the Salzburger Sportwelt, so you should pack swimwear if you want to swim.
Insect repellent: Mosquitoes and other insects can be present in the mountains, so you should pack insect repellent.
Camera: the Salzburger Sportwelt offers breathtaking scenery and sights, so you should pack a camera to capture memories.

These are some important things you should pack for a summer vacation in the Salzburger Sportwelt. However, remember that the list may vary depending on individual needs and planned activities.

Yes, there are many providers of guided hiking tours in the Salzburger Sportwelt. These tours are often led by experienced mountain guides or hiking guides and are a great way to explore the breathtaking scenery of the region while learning about the nature and history of the area.

There are different types of guided hiking tours, including easy walks for families with children or challenging mountain hikes for experienced hikers. Some operators also organize thematic tours, such as herbal walks or alpaca walks.

Depending on the place, different weekly programs are offered. Partly free of charge, partly for a fee. Please inform yourself directly at your host or the local information office which hikes are offered in the desired period.

You are welcome to book your experiences in advance - visit our X-Perience Shop!
All events in the region can be found here!

Salzburger Sportwelt Card - Guest Card

There is the "Salzburger Sportwelt Card", a discount card for your summer vacation in the Salzburger Sportwelt. With this card you can use a variety of attractions and leisure activities at reduced prices. You can get the guest card free of charge from your host. Depending on the length of stay and location, the services vary. Here you will find a rough overview.

Free use of the mountain railroads in the region (depending on location and stay)
Free use of swimming pools and bathing lakes
Free participation in guided hikes and Nordic Walking tours
Reduced price for use of public transportation in the region (1€ hiking bus)
Discounts on numerous leisure activities such as rafting, canyoning, climbing and much more.

The exact services and prices of the Salzburger Sportwelt Card can vary depending on the location and length of stay. It is therefore advisable to find out about the benefits in advance.

Salzburg Land Card

A great way to visit many attractions in Salzburg Land for free is the Salzburg Land Card.
From May 1 to November 5, you can get the SalzburgerLand Card, which is a real power package: With it, you can enjoy free admissions to around 180 sights, excursion destinations, natural spectacles, castles, mines, museums and mountain railroads in SalzburgerLand.
Some public transport can also be used free of charge with the card. The SalzburgerLand Card optionally includes a 24-hour card for the city of Salzburg or an ascent to the Grossglockner High Alpine Road.

Prices of Salzburg Land Card

Ski amadé ALL-IN Card Green

Lots of mountain experiences with the Ski amadé ALL-IN Card Green

Ski amadé has a lot to offer you, not only in winter. With the Ski amadé ALL-IN Card Green we also invite you in summer - visit our mountains as often as you like. 26 summer mountain railroads take you to the starting points of more than 110 hiking routes, 25 different bike trails and to more than 65 family offers on the mountain and all that incl. sports equipment transport according to the regulations of the respective mountain railroads.

Prices ALL-IN Card Green

Important information: The Ski amadé ALL-IN Card Green cannot be used before 09.05.2024 and not after 03.11.2024. It includes the use of the participating cable cars at the respective opening / operating times in Ski amadé incl. sports equipment transport (see ALL-IN Lift Info). Not included is the use of the Dachstein Gletscherbahn.

rainy day suggestions

Time for hiking and natural alternatives in the vacation region in Salzburger Land!


There is no bad weather, there is only wrong clothing!
So that nevertheless no bad mood arises we have listed here a few "bad weather alternatives" for you!
The Salzburger Sportwelt - the nature paradise in Austria - offers enough of them!

Yes, there are a multitude of power spots in the Salzburger Sportwelt that visitors can visit to relax, recharge their batteries and enjoy nature. The region is known for its impressive landscape and its rich history and culture, which is reflected in the many power places.

There are multi-day hiking trails through the Salzburger Sportwelt that are suitable for hikers with different requirements and experience. It's worth finding out about the different routes in advance and choosing the ones that best suit your own abilities and interests.

Breakfast with a view!


Whether on foot or comfortably by cable car - these huts already offer a regional breakfast in the morning with a panoramic view of the mountains of the Salzburger Sportwelt!

The weather in Salzburger Sportwelt in summer can be quite changeable and depends on various factors such as the current air pressure system and the amount of sunshine. In general, the summer months from June to August are mild and pleasant with average temperatures between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius during the day and cooler temperatures at night. However, temperatures can vary depending on altitude and weather conditions.

The early summer months may also see occasional rainfall, while the later summer months are usually drier and sunnier. However, it is always advisable to pack weatherproof clothing and be prepared for unforeseen weather conditions, especially when hiking to higher elevations. It's also a good idea to check weather forecasts in advance to plan the best days and times for outdoor activities.

And remember, "There is no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing!"

The city of Salzburg is located about 70 kilometers (about 43 miles) north of the Salzburger Sportwelt. Depending on the traffic situation and the chosen means of transportation, such as car or train, the travel time is between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours.

There are several ways to travel from the Salzburger Sportwelt to Salzburg by public transport. One option is to use the public bus. There are regular bus connections from the towns in the Salzburger Sportwelt to Salzburg. You can check the exact departure times and schedules here.

Another possibility is to use the train. The Salzburger Sportwelt is connected to the Austrian railroad network, so there are regular train connections to Salzburg. There are train stations in St.Johann, Radstadt and Eben. Here you can plan your trip by train.

Both modes of public transportation offer an environmentally friendly and convenient way to get to Salzburg.
Plan your "green" trip with the planner of the Salzburger Verkehrsbund.

And how do you get to the stations?

Take advantage of our summer offer of the Sportwelt hiking bus and plan your "green" tour to the excursion destinations.

In the mountains and valleys of the Salzburger Sportwelt vacation region with the 7 towns of Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St.Johann, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos, ancient customs are still maintained and lived today just as they were in times past. These include, among others, traditional smoking at Christmas, palm bouquet making at Easter and harvest festivals in autumn. Experience customs and traditions according to the seasons - in the most beautiful family region in Austria!

Ski Amadé All-In Card Green

Experience the very special mountain summer with the summer card and the 26 summer mountain railroads in Ski amadé.
The Ski amadé ALL-IN Card Green allows unlimited use of the 26 participating mountain railroads and takes you to over 110 hiking routes, 25 different bike trails and to the 65 family offers on the mountain and that includes sports equipment transport. In addition, you benefit from free W-LAN in Ski amadé and thanks to the mobile app "Ski amadé Guide" you always know exactly about the operating status of the mountain railroads - and where you are at any given time.