Salzburg Harvest Festival - the 5th season in the Salzburg Land

For over two decades, traditional harvest festival has been celebrated in the whole of the SalzburgerLand - and in the 7 resorts of the Salzburger Sportwelt - Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St.Johann, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos - too. Herding down of the cattle, thanksgiving festivals, handicraft demonstrations, music, dancing and fine delicacies from the farmer's kitchen are all part and parcel. Harvest festival takes place annually from mid-August to the beginning of November.
A unique celebration for the whole family - the 5th season in Salzburger Land! - look over!

Salzburg Harvest Festival Events in the Salzburger Sportwelt

Come to the most beautiful vacation region in the mountains and enjoy customs and traditions - even the little ones will be happy! - Family vacation in Austria

The Salzburger Bauernherbst is an annual event in SalzburgerLand that takes place from mid-August to the end of October. It is a time to bring in and process the harvest, the time of events, meetings and enjoyment. During this time you have the opportunity to get to know the traditional rural life at alpine pasture drives, customs events, village festivals, craft demonstrations, hikes or harvest festivals.

Since 1996, the SalzburgerLand has been the scene of the Bauernherbst every year from mid-August to the end of October. The alpine dairymen return to the villages after the alpine summer with their artistically decorated cows, for the farmers the time of harvest begins and slowly one prepares for the winter. But now is also the time to celebrate together. In mid-August, the farmers' autumn is officially opened with a big festival, followed by around 2000 events characterized by rural traditions, genuine customs and culinary delights.

At the stalls of the farmers' markets, you can taste the farmers' home-grown products: cheese, where you can taste the alpine summer herbs, smoky bacon and sausages from the smokehouse, farmhouse bread with a crispy crust, freshly harvested apples and pears and one or the other home-distilled schnapps or the non-alcoholic variant a fruity-fresh fruit juice.

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