Seven times summit pleasure - We really enjoyed the Salzburger Summit Game

Take a deep breath, gaze into the distance and beam with happiness and joy. That’s how it feels on the top of a mountain. Last summer the Salzburger Summit Game created a new hiking experience in the Salzburger Sportwelt. Incorporated into a magical tale about the Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen, the region showcased seven exceptional mountain tours and my dear colleague Conny and I were on a mission.

We pick up our summit box and start hiking summit for summit using the map provided, sometimes together, sometimes with our own family, or on our own or with other friends.

Many peaks, such as for example the Rossbrand, are almost my local mountains, the Gerzkopf or the Lackenkogel are actually on my tour programme several times a season. Yet the thoughts and notes jotted in the lovingly created summit books open up new perspectives of well-known routes.

I’m particularly looking forward to the Hochgründeck and the Saukarfunktel as I haven’t visited these mountains for many years now. The Penkkopf is a completely new tour for me, and I’m quite excited.It’s no different for keen hiker Conny either. There are familiar tours as well as new routes for her too.

The motivation is great, as on each mountain, in addition to a peak experience, there is also an invitation to connect with the energy and power of the mountain using little rituals. The motto is – you can do it if you wish, but you don’t have to, as each person is different.  Some derive energy from standing still on the summit and enjoying the panoramic view, others recharge their batteries with the energy of the earth, which is different on each peak. We agreed that each of us should have a few minutes to herself at the summit, before then raving about the breathtaking view with our mountain comrades. Shortly before descending we then immortalized ourselves in the peak book and added a stamp to our tour book.

“Such beautiful tours, so many new perspectives and the Bischofsmütze towers above everything, as you can see it from each of the other peaks.” That’s Conny’s conclusion – she conquered all seven summits and has discovered a new favourite tour – the Penkkopf.

I’ve still got one of the seven summits to go and I’m really looking forward to hiking it next summer.

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Photo credits: Elisabeth Hartl, Cornelia Rettenwender