The mindful hiking experience in Salzburger Sportwelt

with seven tour tips and a suprise!

Explore nature in a mindful way

The Salzburg Summit Game is a unique hiking experience – as it’s not just about climbing mountains, but listening to their messages too. Thoughts for the way and specially concepted summit rituals entice you to consciously get close to the mountains. The Salzburg Summit Game inspires you to go hiking, but also to listen in a mindful way and reflect, and is a game using your imagination which is fired by the beauty of an impressive landscape.
7 mountains in the 7 resorts - hiking recommendations of the Salzburger Sportwelt: Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos.

Trails of the Salzburg Summit Game

Salzburg Summit Game | in the mountains of Austria


Here is the summit box available!

You can purchase the summit box at the local tourist offices or at the listed accommodations.
ATTENTION: Prices may vary depending on the season!

The Salzburg Summit Game is a themed hiking experience in the Salzburger Sportwelt that takes participants on a mythical journey along seven different mountain peaks. These peaks are embedded in a story about the "Benevolent Queen and her six noblemen", which gives the hikes a narrative and playful component. Each of the seven peaks represents a 'nobleman' and offers unique hiking experiences and messages linked to the Queen and her story.
The hikes take place during the hiking season from June to October and offer a deeper connection to local culture and history alongside the sporting challenge.
You can obtain the summit box including a tour book, hiking map and a drinking cup that can be attached to your hiking rucksack with a carabiner at a summit box accommodation or at the local information office. The summit box can also be ordered online in advance. With a guest card, the summit box costs €19, - without €25. For every summit you hike, you will receive a collector's peak, which can be attached to your drinking cup and counts as a "trophy".
As soon as you have collected 4 out of 7 summits, you will receive a surprise at the summit game accommodation or at the local information office!

The Summit box can be conveniently pre-ordered online. In addition, selected "Summit Game accommodations"offer their guests the opportunity to receive the summit box directly on site. The summit box is also available in the local information offices. The price is €19 with a guest card and €25 without a guest card. The summit box includes a tour book, a hiking map and a drinking cup. The collectable summits and a surprise are available either at your Summit Game accommodation or directly from the local information office.

The 7 mindful tour recommendations around the "Benevolent Queen" are:

Bischofsmütze (2454m) "The Benevolent Queen"
Hochgründeck (1827m) "The Healer"
Penkkopf (2011m) "The Magician"
Saukarfunktel (2028m) "The Poet"
Lackenkogel (2051m) "The Watchman"
Rossbrand (1768m) "The Scout"
Gerzkopf (1728m) "The Bearer of secrets"

You can collect the collector's summits and the surprise from your accommodation or from the local information office.

Whether you need one summit box per person or one for the whole group depends on your individual needs. Each box contains a tour book for notes, a hiking map, a drinking cup and a surprise. You therefore only receive one version of these items with each box.

The Salzburg Summit Game is also doable for children. Although there is no official age recommendation, children from around 10 years of age can easily master certain summits. Examples include the Gerzkopf, Rossbrand, Saukarfunktel and the viewing platform of the Bischofsmütze. The suitability depends on the individual fitness and stamina of the child.

Products from the Salzburg Summit Box are not available individually; the box can only be purchased as a whole.

Yes, the summit box can be a great gift idea, especially for hiking enthusiasts or nature lovers. It offers an exciting selection of useful items for mountain tours and surprises with individual contents that can enrich the experience of nature.