Enjoyment Ski Routes – combine culinary delights and skiing

This year, we are eagerly waiting for the time when we are avidly awaiting to be able to stop for a bite to eat whilst out skiing this year. We’ve picked out something very special for you for your hut stops, which are hopefully coming soon. The Enjoyment Ski Routes are in Wagrain and in Kleinarl – part of “Ski amadé taste”, where the two best things in the world – skiing and eating are combined. Most of the foodstuffs come from the local area. We’re sure that the delicacies that we like are also to your taste. So let’s get started with the first tour.

Enjoyment Ski Route "In the Tracks of the Locals" in Wagrain

We give breakfast at home a miss today with a clear conscience. We park at the Grafenbergbahn lift and travel up to the mountain station. Before our first joy of the palate, we definitely want to savour the descent on the freshly prepared slope down to the middle station.  On the G-Link we float over to Wagrain and then we take the Flying Mozart cable car up to the peak. Then we treat ourselves to breakfast. At the Kogelalm we take a seat on the terrace and are ready for our peak breakfast: fried eggs with bacon, sausage meat, freshly baked rolls, coffee, sparkling wine and orange juice. Now that’s what we call a great start to the day.

Then skiing until midday is on the cards. We make our tracks on the perfect pistes. Mmmmh. Can you smell it? The smell of the smoker reaches our nostrils. We carry on to our second course, at the Wagrainerhaus. For lunch we treat ourselves to spare ribs from the smoker with jacket potatoes and herb sauce. Vegetarians will be spoiled at the Wagrainerhaus with cheese gnocchi.
Back on the other side of the valley we take the G-Link once again. By the way, have you heard the one about…? No, let Franz at the Hachaualm tell you the joke himself, as he is – as his “ski water” – really for adults only. A few more turns and the next culinary highlight awaits: The Krapfenalm. At this hut you’re in doughnut paradise – no matter whether sweet or savoury. I choose the sweet variety J. Full and happy from the tasty joys of the palate and fresh winter air we head back home.

Enjoyment Ski Route “Small but oh my…“ in Kleinarl

Still tubby from yesterday we start off the next morning. The journey takes us to Kleinarl. On the Shuttleberg we ski until around midday and soak up some Vitamin D. At lunchtime we make ourselves comfortable on the terrace of the Schüttalm and treat ourselves to Red Beetroot Quark Gnocchi. For the dessert we head on to the Gasthof Galler. The home-made strudel looks really tasty. Mmmh. The apple strudel with a dollop of cream is just what I fancy right now. Thank goodness sweet treats land in a different stomach and therefore there’s always space :).

Time for the slopes. But not very long, as the next treat awaits us at the Zirbenwirt. The hosts serve us with a burger made from their own Kalliste beef or a lamb sandwich. And as is well known, the best is yet to come: opposite in the Schirmstüberl we toast our great day’s skiing with a “Schneekatzerl“ (a liqueur in a chocolate cone with a cream topping).

Infos about Enjoyment Ski Routes

You don’t need to book to ski the Enjoyment Ski Routes. Simply take enough appetite with you and off you go. If your appetite’s not that big, you can leave out a course or ski to the huts over several days. You just decide, what suits you best :).

You’ll find more information about the Enjoyment Ski Routes here. Spare ribs, burgers or the classic apple strudel. What are you yearning for? What are you looking forward to the next time you’re on the slopes in Wagrain-Kleinarl?

photo credits: AmandaMattsby_explorealittlemore