Spring picnic full of delights: the regional voyage of discovery in St. Johann im Pongau

Saturday, 13 April 2024 - the weather is wonderful. Sunny, bright blue skies, and most importantly: it's warm again. Spring is here! The birds are chirping, almost competing with each other. A truly marvellous day. I write a quick WhatsApp message to my friend Maria and ask her what she's up to and whether we should get a tasty picnic basket today? - Her reply came promptly and was a resounding YES!
So, we set off for the Tourist Office St. Johann in Salzburg and ordered a picnic basket… Let's start with the HARD FACTS.
- A family basket for 4 people costs € 50,00 / with guest card € 35,00
- Partner basket for 2 persons € 30,00 / with guest card € 20,00
- Pick up and return at the St. Johann Tourist Office in Salzburg.
- Partner: Pongauer Bauernladen (Farmers’ Shop) or Urban butcher's shop

Now it's back to the text. 😉

We received a full picnic basket from the Pongau farm shop. The contents vary depending on the season. In any case, spring is perfect for this - finally there's some really crunchy, fresh fruit and vegetables. From home-made wild garlic spread to bright red, fresh strawberries, you'll find everything in your picnic basket. The aroma of fresh farmhouse bread wafts from the basket. Bacon, sausage, yoghurt and cake are a must for a real Pongau picnic basket. (For veggie or vegan picnic baskets, simply let us know when you pre-book.

Spring is ideal for a picnic basket, not only because there are great spring vegetables again, but also perfect for a spring walk with provisions. Because walking with a snack is a lot easier. Maria and I choose the Hahnbaum picnic area. It impresses with a view of the Pongau Cathedral and the fact that it's just a few minutes' walk and a few steps away. 😊 Other great spots can be found directly in the Citypark or at the Alpenstrand picnic area, which impresses with its beach feeling. Or you can take a seat on the bench at the Salzach picnic area. If you want to head up high, there are countless picnic spots on the mountain, so that there is something for everyone. 😊

dreamview guaranteed

We lay out the picnic blanket, sit down on it, hand out the snack boards, pour ourselves some apple juice and share the contents of the picnic basket. It's marvellous! We enjoy the snacks, the weather and simply some quality time together. It was a wonderful day, we spend ages in the sun. In the evening, we simply return the basket to the Tourist Office. I can only recommend it to you!


You can find more information about the picnic basket in St. Johann here.

What the picnic baskets cost and how it works:

- A family basket for 4 people costs € 50,-- / with guest card € 35,--
- Partner basket for 2 people € 30,-- / with guest card € 20,--
- Collection and return are at the St. Johann Tourist Office in Salzburg.
- Partner: Pongauer Bauernladen or Urban butcher's shop

TIP: Of course you can order the picnic basket for more people, the price will then be adjusted.
adjusted accordingly.

Bildnachweis: JO Salzburg