A breakfast to lift you up: Enjoy your breakfast in the golden Flying Mozart Cable Car

Thursday morning, the birds are chirping, and you are surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Salzburger Land. But today is no ordinary day, because you are on your on your way to a unique culinary experience: the new Flying Mozart cable car breakfast in Snow Space Salzburg.

The start of a magical morning

We reach the Flying Mozart valley station in Wagrain on time at 9:00 am. There we are warmly welcomed by the staff at a small set table. Drinks, information and sweets are on offer to sweeten our start to the morning. While we wait, we are also given information about the new cable car itself until the golden Flying Mozart Cable Car finally pulls into the station. The excitement grows.

Climb aboard and enjoy

As soon as the doors open, we are greeted by the sight of a lovingly laid breakfast table, packed with everything your heart desires: savoury and sweet treats coffee, tea, juices, spreads, muesli, breakfast eggs and much more. What a feast for the senses!

With a ‘Have a good trip and bon appétit!’ from the lift staff, we start our flying breakfast adventure. The cable car glides gently upwards and presents a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountains. Lake Ruperti glistens in the distance and the Griessenkareck peak towers majestically above us.

We savour our breakfast as we go round and round. At the stations, we always earn a smile or two and admiring glances from the other guests. The fresh mountain air tickles our noses and reinforces the feeling that this is an
absolutely perfect start to the day. After a few laps and well-filled stomachs, we decide to get off at the mountain station. Well-fortified and full of energy, we set off on our hike on the Grießenkar hiking mountain. The day starts cloudy, but promises to be sunny and pleasantly warm - ideal for our mountain adventure.

An unforgettable day

The Flying Mozart Cable Car Breakfast is not only a delicious breakfast in a unique setting, it is also a perfect gift idea for special occasions. So, what are you waiting for? Float up high with us and start your day with a breakfast
that even Mozart would love! This exclusive experience can be booked during the season at Snow Space Salzburg from Thursday to Sunday via the online ticket shop: www.snow-space.com/ticketshop. See you soon in the golden cable car and bon appétit!

photo credits: Snow Space Salzburg