Winter holiday and ski holiday in the Salzburger Sportwelt, Ski amadé, Austria
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Holiday. Mountains. And you. Holiday. Mountains. And you.
Enjoyment Ski Routes

Get to know the region in a whole new way – on exquisite routes put together by us for you! Everywhere, along the way, plenty of delicious highlights await you. Ideal for gourmets, who do not want to leave anything to chance.

Off to your culinary Enjoyment Ski Route! There will definitely be something to your taste in our different tours in Ski amadé.

Our tip: The new themed routes can be mastered by every skier in one day, of course free-of-charge (apart from the food and drinks in the huts), and they are put in the new "Ski amadé Guide" App.

Snow Space Salzburg Prosecco Tour
The Italians call it “Dolce far niente“, we in Salzburg say “gmiatlich zur Ruah kommen“ (enjoying some peace and quiet) and it is exactly this feeling which is the slogan for the new Prosecco enjoyment ski route in Snow Space Salzburg. On the tour, which goes across the ski resort, skiers can discover the wide variety of Italian sparkling wine and of course try it at the same time. What must also accompany the prosecco are typical culinary delicacies, both from the region, but also from our southerly neighbour. From homemade pasta and noodles to colourful starters, to pizza with local ingredients, gourmets really get their money’s worth on the Prosecco tour. More information >> 
The locals on the track

Where do the locals like going? As a visitor that is quite difficult to find out, but we will give you a little peak. When you live in the mountains and can ski anytime, you also go inside for food or drinks rather than just skiing ;).

A good start of the day is definitely: go up on the Flying Mozart in Wagrain to have breakfast at the Kogelalm. Very bourgeois and tasty with cheese, sausages, ham, jam, rolls, different kinds of eggs, coffee, tea etc. At 9 o’ clock in Austria it is time for an ‘early get together’. In Bayern it is known as ‘bread time’ or ‘white sausage-break’ and exactly that is offered at the Almstadl with a glass of beer. A couple of turns later it is time for lunch and with the run to the Griessarenkareck by the G-Link, the highest point in Wagrain, you can smell it during the run to the Wagrainerhaus where the ribs are prepared on the smoker. This will make you feel a little thirsty so there will be a ‘ski water’ for adults in the Hachau Alm with inn-keeper Franz. A couple of jokes are on the house. Last but not least – the Krapfenalm, ok now it’s out. A lot of donuts in different variations, for example with blueberry jam, the ‘bus-driver’ donut with sauerkraut and bacon and many more we just cannot pass. More information >> 

Multifaceted kitchen art
‘Hermann and Tina’s’ restaurant combines Austria and South Korea in a warm living room atmosphere. From Tina’s mum, from South Korea, comes the recipe for the absolute insider tip: Bi-Bim-Bap (a vegetarian rice dish with vegetables), Bulgoggi (marinated sirloin shortly fried) with salmon – rocket salad, Hankookreis Kimchi (Chinese cabbage or spicy radish and fermented). Also slightly Asian inspired is the ‘Hoagascht’ in Flachau. Local cuisine is newly interpreted and is called the creative kitchen a la ‘Pong-Asia’: Pongauer Fish soup, Alpine Salmon Tempura. Local products refined with Asian aromas. ‘Steiners Local Experience’ in Eben takes a different approach and brings the Alpine kitchen with a Mediterranean flair to the table. ‘Austro Tapas’ so to speak. If you are looking for some authentic Salzburg dishes you will find these at ‘Zum Kaswurm’ in Radstadt. The Salzburger Genusswirt and the GenussBauernhof are convinced by the Pongauer hearty donuts, Schlipfblattl’n, farmer donuts. Highlight – many of the products come from their own farm. More information >> 
Small but.. great enjoyment in Kleinarl
Curry sausage is something they only have in Berlin? That’s not true, also in Gasthaus Galler, the meeting point on the mountain in Kleinarl. But nothing goes above a spicy start to your day. The spinach dumpling with melted butter evens out the meat consumption and is also the insider tip at the Schüttalm. You can take a little break before dessert. With the skis on you can go for a couple of rounds on the Flachauwinkel side, through the Snow park or the Family run and after that it is time for another break. True, the homemade Strudel with apricots or home-grown apples and icing will still your hunger. Sweets do go into another stomach, don’t they? ;) With a good atmosphere, live music on the terrace and products from their own farm, the Zirbenwirt lures you in. But watch out, in case you’ve missed a treat, you won’t get a burger from their own Angus or Kalliste beef! Just kidding, of course. This is a highlight too. Just like the ‘Schneekatzerl’ opposite in the Schimstüberl. Chocolate-nut liquor with whipped cream. Heart, what more do you want…? More information >> 
The "Haubentour" in the valley
The early bird catches the worm! The legendary 5-course breakfast a la carte made by the top chef Johanna Maier is a very special Good-Morning experience in the Das Maier in Filzmoos. It wakes up your body and starts up the metabolism naturally, puts a smile on your face and gives you plenty of energy to start your day. All meals and energising juices are prepared to the best organic quality. 5 stars in the Guide A la Carte and 3 Gault Milau’s are reflected in the kitchen. The lunches can be hearty and rustic, in restaurant Aichhorn in Kleinarl, the patron and chef Franz Aichhorn prepares you a lunch fit for every time of year. The 3 ‘Hauben’ award winning chef rightly calls his restaurant the ‘Gourmet Wirtshaus’. His tip is the grilled Pongauer free-range pig. To end the day of the ‘Hauben’ properly, we recommend a beautifully laid table, exclusive wines and a wonderful tender roast beef in the Goumet hotel Zinnkrügl in St. Johann. More information >>