Summer holiday and family holiday in the Salzburger Sportwelt, Austria
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Holiday. Mountains. And you. Holiday. Mountains. And you.

Saukarfunktel. The Poet. (2,028 m)

The Poet and the Benevolent Queen

The Poet reminds the Benevolent Queen again and again not to waste her talents, but to be creative and artistic. As life is all about leaving a trace. How you do achieve this is very individual: some can paint, some write, and others play an instrument or cultivate beautiful gardens. With the help of the Poet the Queen recognises, that it’s a totally uplifting feeling to live out one’s talents.  

The Poet and the Salzburger Summit Game

The Poet doesn’t allow excuses such as “I haven’t got time for that“ or “I’ll do that at a later date”. He wants us to create small islands of time in our everyday life for the really beautiful things in life. He challenges us to continue writing our own individual “life map”. Without regard of the expectations of others.

Specialities of the Saukarfunktel

The summit of the Saukarfunktel is a pyramid of stone and rock: the mountain’s name comes from the iron-rich rock, which sprays sparks during lightning. Around the summit there are large blocks of stone which make fantastic picnic spots. 

The ritual on the Saukarfunktel

The ritual on the Saukarfunktel is all about rediscovering one’s own talents. As, in order to lead a fulfilled life, we should do as much as possible of what we enjoy doing most and what we can do really well.

Important tour info for the Saukarfunktel

Valley resort:                                         Flachau

Duration:                                               approx. 2 hours (incl. a 30 minute lift journey) to the summit

Refreshment stop:                                Huts at the Grießenkar area