Summer holiday and family holiday in the Salzburger Sportwelt, Austria
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Holiday. Mountains. And you. Holiday. Mountains. And you.

Penkkopf. The Magician. (2,011 m)

The Magician and the Benevolent Queen

Even the Benevolent Queen sometimes forgot how beautiful and surprising life can be: when the challenges of everyday life got too big and daunting, she lost sight her jauntiness. Then the Magician came into her life and inspired her to dance, laugh sing and other trivialities. He was her best advisor, for bring back zest, passion and lightness into her life.

The Magician and the Salzburger Summit Game

The Magician challenges us as he lives completely according to the principle of pleasure. We do that too, don’t we or do we put work, duty and responsibility above everything else? The Magician teaches us to view life as a gift and to enjoy it with relish.

Speciality of the Penkkopf

In June hoards of fireflies buzz around the summit giving it a “magical“ aura.  

The ritual on the Penkkopf

The Magician’s ritual encourages us to leave our own comfort zone and to do things we don’t normally dare to do. It doesn’t matter what others think. We alone decide what we fancy doing: quite possibly, a real challenge!

Important tour info for the Penkkopf

Valley resort:                                         Wagrain-Kleinarl

Duration:                                               approx. 3.5 hrs. ascent

Refreshment stop:                                Kleinarler Hütte, Kurzeggalm