Summer holiday and family holiday in the Salzburger Sportwelt, Austria
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Holiday. Mountains. And you. Holiday. Mountains. And you.

Hochgründeck. The Healer. (1,827 m)

The Healer and the Benevolent Queen

The Benevolent Queen cherished a close relationship with her Healer. He was her master in many ways. From him she learned to respect and accept life with all its ups and downs. And she realised that there’s a time for everything: sometimes waiting patiently and calmly is the best option, sometimes active help is required to alter the course of fate. Learn from the Healer, how mighty the power of stillness can be and why outer peace is only achievable through inner peace.

The Healer and the Salzburger Summit Game

Peace and quiet make an effective healing agent: surrounded by tranquility you can sharpen your senses and let your thoughts wander. The Healer challenges us to leave our everyday lives behind and promotes introspection. Only those who care for themselves, can care for others.

Speciality of the Hochgründecks

The peak cross on the Hochgründeck, the St. Vinzenz Chapel of Peace and the Heinrich-Kiener-Haus are just a few minute’s walk apart. The St. Vinzenz Chapel of Peace counts as “a complete artwork of symbolism“ and its altar picture opens a window onto the fabulously scenic mountain landscape. You should take time to explore and savour these treasures at an altitude over 1,800 m.

The ritual at the Hochgründeck

The ritual of the Healer should help you to recharge your batteries to the brim. That something that works well at this ancient power spot. Subsequently there are instructions of how to find inner peace.  

Important tour info for the Hochgründeck

Valley resort:                                        St. Johann in Salzburg

Duration:                                               approx. 2 ¾ hrs. to the summit

Refreshment stop:                                Heinrich-Kiener-Haus