Summer holiday and family holiday in the Salzburger Sportwelt, Austria
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Holiday. Mountains. And you. Holiday. Mountains. And you.

Gerzkopf. The Bearer of Secrets. (1,728 m)

The Bearer of Secrets and the Benevolent Queen
The Bearer of Secrets was a powerful ally of the Benevolent Queen. Her wishes and secrets were in his good hands: he took care of them like treasure, ridiculed nothing and took every one of them seriously. But not only that: when the Queen lost sight of her wishes, he reminded her to reset her focus.
The Bearer of Secrets and the Salzburger Summit Game

The Bearer of Secrets wants to encourage you to define your wishes. For wishes to be fulfilled, you must actively work towards them. Thus, the Bearer of Secrets teaches us to be clear about our wishes and to express them properly.  

Speciality of the Gerzkopf

Right on the summit of the Gerzkopf there is a highly sensitive and extremely rare nature reserve, where amongst other things, mountain cocks, dragonflies and tree pipits all enjoy their natural habitat. Plus there’s a mysterious legend surrounding the “Black Lake“: you can read all about on an info board on site.

The ritual on the Gerzkopf

The ritual of the Bearer of Secrets is all about your secret wishes. Right on the summit you’ll find a great opportunity to define your wishes and to profess them to the wind.  

Important tour info for the Gerzkopf

Valley resort:                                         Eben

Duration:                                               approx. 2 hours to the summit

Refreshment stop:                                Schäferhütte