Sustainability - a journey for the future!

Together for a sustainable region!

You love the nature, the culture and the people in your vacation region?
You would like to make a contribution to preserve these treasures for future generations?
Then you've come to the right place! We are a tourism region that is committed to sustainability. We are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals and implement them in as many areas of our tourism industry as possible.

With us you will find:
Ecological sustainability
Economic sustainability
Socio-cultural sustainability

Experience a vacation with added value.
A vacation that not only gives you pleasure, but also benefits the environment and society.
A vacation that shows you how beautiful and diverse our tourism region is.
A vacation that gives you inspiration and incentive for a sustainable future.

Worth reading!

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Energy from biomass

Approx. 800 hotels and apartment buildings in the Salzburger Sportwelt are supplied with district heating from 10 regional combined heat and power plants. All the energy required is produced from 100% biomass (regional renewable raw material), which results in a saving of 12 million liters of heating oil per year.

Sustainable journey

With two international train stations in St. Johann and Radstadt, nothing stands in the way of a climate-friendly journey by train to Salzburger Sportwelt. Many hosts pick up their guests from the train station and there is a good public transport network locally. For all ski pass holders, the modern ski buses are free of charge.

Hiking bus

In summer, the hiking bus is available in the entire region for only one euro per route with the Salzburger Sportwelt Card.

GSTC – Global Sustainable Tourism Council Ausbildung

The GSTC criteria were developed with the aim of providing a general understanding of sustainable tourism. The Destination Criteria and Hotel Criteria represent the minimum of what every tourism destination and hotel should strive for. They cover four main themes: sustainable management, socio-economic impact, cultural impact and environmental impact. They can be applied to the entire tourism sector.
From all our places, 2 people from the tourism board have done the training.

Certified accommodation