03. April 2020
Salzburger Sportwelt – A summer holiday and all its hall-marks

Salzburger Sportwelt – that sounds like high mountains, unforgettable peak tours and demanding mountain bike trails. And yes, you can certainly find all that here. However, the Salzburger Sportwelt has much more to offer - it is characterised by a varied range of activities for pleasure-seekers and active holiday makers as well as families and nature-lovers. The holiday resorts of Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos are just a few minutes’ drive apart and yet each has retained its own unmistakable charm and unique flair.  From the medieval town of Radstadt to the resort of Filzmoos situated at an altitude of 1.075 m at the foot of the Dachstein range. Whilst in winter the resorts make up the centrepiece of the Austria’s largest ski area association, the Ski amadé, in summer the clocks tick somewhat slower. Cows graze on your hotel’s doorstep and the locals say hello when you’re out and about. Nature, an idyllic country atmosphere and everyday life in the mountains contribute to a leisurely tempo, which guests quickly get used to.  


A holiday in the Salzburger Sportwelt means exercise outdoors amid wonderful nature

In all the resorts there’s plenty happening, but far removed from a stressful and hectic pace. Here you can get active if you’re feeling sporty and unwind if you wish to relax. There’s no such thing as boredom - the surrounding mountain countryside is tempting, the selection of tours covers a wide range of ability levels and rustic alpine huts along the way beckon you in for refreshment. The region scores points with hikers with around 1,000 km of well-marked hiking trails, but also with mountain bikers, cyclists and e-bikers. Since 2018 the “STONEMAN Taurista“ trail has enhanced the range of mountain bike tours. With its 4,500 altitude metres and 123 km this bike tour counts amongst the most demanding of its kind. The panoramas and views along the route, which is split into three stages, are spectacular. Families on the other hand love the 18 varied and informative themed trails in the region, the possibilities for bathing in the lakes, the outdoor swimming pools and the adventure thermal spa plus the family mountains.


Eben – the small holiday idyll for the whole family 

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Eben is a small holiday gem for the whole family - absolute highlight is the popular adventure bathing lake with a total water area of 7,000 m².

  • Guided hikes are offered every Tuesday, for example up to the Gerzkopf, where you’ll find the European Nature Reserve of the same name together with a moor lake plus rare flora and fauna. www.eben.at


Wagrain-Kleinarl – crystal-clear mountain lakes and alpine romance

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The small market town of Wagrain lies in the heart of the mountains, Kleinarl even at an altitude of over 1,000 metres. The Vicar Joseph Mohr, who wrote the text for the famous Christmas carol “Silent Night, Holy Night” used to live in Wagrain, as did Karl-Heinrich Waggerl – one of the most famous Austrian poets. There’s a wide range of cultural activities on offer in Wagrain.

  • If you stay on holiday here, an absolute must is a hike to the Jägersee and the Tappenkarsee. The latter is the largest mountain lake in the Eastern Alps and an idyll swathed in legend.
  • Wagraini’s Grafenberg is one of two family mountains in the Salzburger Sportwelt and is all the rage for kids.
  • Hike along “Green Trails in the Valley“ – starting at the “Wagrain Herb Garden“ and heading along the 1.2 km long feel-good path or along Austria’s one-and-only “Power of the Trees” nature trail. www.wagrain-kleinarl.at


Flachau – action, fun and adventure for bikers, hikers and families

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Flachau is the home of the ski legend Hermann Maier, who still lives here. Flachau is also a great holiday destination offering action and adventure for the whole family. The free family programme includes guided adventure hikes as well as football training, camp-fire and much more. The active and outdoor programme entices guests to try out new activities - such as Segway tours, climbing, rafting or downhill descents on mountain carts and mountain skyvers.

  • Flachau is a “Best for Biker“ resort and is one of the hotspots for bikers with a wide range trails and a great infrastructure for mountain bikers and e-bikers.  The ”Bike Night Flachau“ is legendary - the floodlit bike spectacle takes place from 21.08. to 23.08.2020.
  • Families love the comfort of the summer lifts, allowing you can travel up to the hiking area around the Griessenkar and back down to the valley again.  Plus there’s also a number of events such as the popular street festivals with live bands, cuisine, show acts and a large programme for participating and celebrating.   www.flachau.com


St. Johann in Salzburg – the vibrant centre of the Salzburg Pongau

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As district capital of the Salzburger Pongau, St. Johann is the town with the biggest population in the region. There’s a pleasant busy feeling in the town and a variety of great shopping addresses ensure an urban flair. Therefore, there’s a good selection of sports and traditional fashion, but also of local handicrafts, not to mention delicious chocolates. There are lots of possibilities for cycling and hiking around the local mountain in St. Johann in Salzburg – the Hahnbaum.

  • Families love the Geisterberg with around 40 adventure stations such as a ghost castle, climbing towers, air swings, climbing dragon and lots more.
  • Due to its magnificence, the Decant’s Church in St. Johann is also known as the “Pongau Cathedral“ - with its 62 m high towers it is one of the largest Neo-Gothic country churches in Austria. www.josalzburg.com


Filzmoos – the power spot at the foot of the Bischofsmütze

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The Dachstein, the Rossbrand and the imposing Bischofsmütze frame the idyllic resort of Filzmoos. The resort lies at an altitude of over 1,000 and has around 1,400 inhabitants. The village is home to famous chef Johanna Maier and the three times ski world champion Michaela Kirchgasser.

Filzmoos is an unbelievable paradise for hikers - whether to the idyllic Hofalm area, from power spot to power spot, on the doughnut stomper hike or on the trail of rare orchids. You feel at home hiking on your own as well as in a group.

  • The “Filzmoos Child“ in the Parish Church in Filzmoos is an art history treasure and one of the few Jesus Child places of pilgrimage in Austria. A number of votive images express the thankfulness of couples, who have welcomed additions to their family after visiting the Filzmoos Child
  • Hikers in Filzmoos can enjoy the benefits of Mountain Friend and Mountain Specialist accommodation properties and receive top additional services such as the free participation on guided hikes. www.filzmoos.at


Radstadt – breathe history in the “Ancient Town in the Mountains“

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Already back in 1289 – more than 200 years before Christoph Columbus discovered America – Radstadt was declared a town. Even today, history seems to come alive in parts of the “Ancient Town in the Mountains“. Historic treasures such as the town wall with its round towers or the Capuchin Crypt in the former monastery are ancient witnesses to Radstadt’s eventful history.

  • The museum in Schloss Lerchen houses findings from Roman times, the middle ages and the times of the Salzburger Archbishopric. In the museum in the Capuchin Tower visitors are transported back to the times of the Farmers‘ Wars using multimedia effects. 
  • In and around Radstadt there are lots of wonderful things to see and do, such as the themed paths; “culture:geology:path“, the “Millennium Path“, “Alles Alm“ or the schnaps and swiss pine oil distillery at the Mandlberggut.
  • The Radstadt Golf Club offers the world’s one-and-only golf cable car “Birdie Jet“, which transports golfers from the eleventh green to the twelfth tee at around 1,000. The 18-hole course is regularly played by famous sports greats such as Hermann Maier or Stefan Eberharter. The 9-hole practice course awakens the passion for golf and the international golf academy rounds off the individual training and course programme. www.radstadt.com


Altenmarkt-Zauchensee – the twin holiday paradise

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The once alpine village of Zauchensee at an altitude of 1.350 m belongs to the market town of Altenmarkt. As a certified hiking village, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is well-equipped to cater for hikers and mountain climbers. Yet, water is here too all abundant - a particularly refreshing bathing experience amid a magical mountain backdrop is promised by the natural mountain Zauchensee lake with summery water temperatures of between 16 and 18 degrees. The family and adventure thermal spa offers everything visitors could wish for with its playground, sunbathing areas, water slides, bistro and a wealth of saunas and spa facilities.

  • Altenmarkt-Zauchensee is a real insider tip for horse-riders - there are five horse-riding trekking routes of over 100 km in length and a part of the 200 km long “Dachstein Tauern Trek“ leads through the resort.  
  • Hiking, learning and experiencing new things is the motto along both themed paths “Moon Path” and “Farmer’s Sayings Path”.
  • On the guided “Culinary 3 Mountains.Tour by e-bike“ every Thursday at 11.00 am from 18.06. to 01.10.2020 you cycle to three pleasure addresses, where a menu course with typical Pongau specialities is served. www.altenmarkt-zauchensee.at

The Salzburger Sportwelt covers the seven holiday resorts of Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann in Salzburg, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos. The Salzburger Sportwelt counts as a varied mountain biking, active and adventure region for the whole family. Guests will find around 1,000 km of well signposted hiking paths, around 500 km of mountain and e-bike trails plus 18 themed paths – six of which especially for children. The range is enhanced by two children’s adventure mountains, summer lifts, the Thermal Spa Amadé, the Water World in Wagrain plus idyllic alpine huts, amongst which a number of certified Salzburg alpine summer huts, to which also the „Salzburger Almenweg“ leads. www.salzburgersportwelt.com