01. April 2020
“Refuel in the Forest“ in the Salzburger Sportwelt

Have you ever tried spruce butter spread on your bread? Or enjoyed a sauna infusion with real mountain pine oil from the Salzburg mountains? Or maybe observed a mountain cock in its habitat? All these things are possible on a forest holiday in the seven holiday resorts in the Salzburger Sportwelt. Those who don’t fancy going into the forest on their own, can head off on the well-signposted themed trails or join a guided tour - together with a hunter, a power spot guide, a tree expert or a country artist you can enjoy nature. Explore, discover and “refuel in the forest”.


Discover the “Power of the Trees“ along green trails In Wagrain-Kleinarl

The “Power of the Trees Nature Trail“ in Wagrain-Kleinarl is quite unique in Austria - along a length of three kilometres, 32 local deciduous and conifer trees are waiting to be discovered. Informative signs point out the characteristics and specialities of the trees, some of which have been standing for years and some newly planted for the nature trail. You should plan around three hours for the walk if you wish to find out more about trees and take in the individual stations. In the “Tree-Info-Hut“ leaves, seeds and tree discs are on display and you can test your gained knowledge with a tree quiz. There is also a sound station, seating and resting places.  

A very special experience is exploring the nature trail with the woman who conceived the idea and designed the trail - Christine Höller is a graduate herb expert and tree specialist. On her guided tours “The Medicinal“ or the “The High Proof“ nature-lovers learn exciting background information and wondrous stories about trees such as the oak, the juniper, the birch or the ash tree. That trees – or parts of them – are edible, is proved by a refreshment stop afterwards at the Jausenstation Ennskrax’n. Here as a “tree snack “ elm rolls, spruce butter, forest guacamole or meadow cream are served. According to season, buds or leaves are used.

Special “Power of the Trees“ tours with nature trail developer Christine Höller:

“The Medicinal“ including tree snack and “Power of the Trees“ amulet.

“The High Proof“ incl. schnaps tasting of forest woodruff brandies from mountain pine trees or walnut schnaps along the trail. “Tree spreads” and spare ribs availalbe afterwards. www.wagrain-kleinarl.at


Natural medicine from the forest at the Mandlberggut in Radstadt

There are plenty of reasons for a trip up to the Mandlberggut in Radstadt, situated at an altitude of nearly 1,000 m. Three come to mind straightaway - the aromatic and highly-effective pine oil, the prize-winning schnaps and the heavenly cakes. In addition to these three sensual temptations, it’s the nature-loving and well grounded, Family Warter, that makes the Mandlberggut a very special place. Daughter Theresa is responsible for all the high proof products - in the Dachstein Distillery she produces top-notch schnaps, whisky, run and gin and was voted “Young Distiller of the Year 2018“ at the Destillerie Berlin. Her sister Katharina is TEH-practicioner (Traditional European Medicine) and produces highly effective body care and natural products. The ingredients for which she gets from the forest and the meadows – including mountain pines as well as larch resin or nettles. The Warter Family has special authorization to harvest the mountain pines high up in the Tauern. In one litre of essential mountain pine oil there are an unbelievable 400 kg of pine needles and branch tips. It’s the purest forest product filled into bottles here. Mountain pine unblocks respiratory passages during coughs and colds and is ideal for inhaling, for sauna infusions or baths. Rubbed on the skin, the oil boosts circulation, relieves muscle tension, back and joint pain and rheumatic complaints. www.radstadt.com | www.mandlberggut.com


Themed paths in and around the forest in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee

There are two exciting themed paths in Altenmarkt-Zauchensee to be discovered. The “Moon Path“, which starts in the resort centre and is around four kilometres long, focussing on the one planet, which subtly, yet powerfully influences mankind, animals, plants and oceans. Twenty interactive adventure stations offer interesting stories and background information about the moon. At the “Energy Station Wood“ with its swinging bridge you’ll find out in detail what influence the moon has on wood - as the forestry industry and the building sector has been concerned with the phenomenon “Moon Wood” for a long time. The “Farmers’ Sayings Path“ is situated just above Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, offering a wonderful view of the resort and over the Enns Pongau and leads through the light and berry-rich forest on the Schwemmberg. Here ancient and traditionally handed down farmers’ and weather sayings have been scientifically substantiated, without being totally disrepute, along the five kilometre long themed path. Important “weather prognostication days“ are also explained.


Power spots in Filzmoos – ancient trees and enchanted forests

Those starting off on a power spot hike in Filzmoos will discover magical places and real tree personalities. There are a total of 16 power spots, each different in vibrancy and effect. For example, with the aid of pine cones or stones, you can discard mental burdens at the “Place of Cleansing in the Hachau Forest”. The “Moss on the Mountain“ is only accessible as a guided tour and an absolute quiet spot in the heart of a nature reserve. An especially powerful vibrancy awaits visitors. The small “Circle of Trees“ at the Neubergerhof is a wonderfully beautiful trance spot, which is ideal for mediation and is supposed to be particularly healing for all emotional troubles. Local and guests have been meeting up for generations beneath the 300 year old “Maple Tree at the Bögrainhof“. The protective treetop acts as an energy field on humans. www.filzmoos.at


Through the forest into the “European Nature Reserve on the Gerzkopf“ in Eben

The 1,728 Meter high Gerzkopf counts as a “green mountain“, which is wooded right up to the peak. In the upper part of the route, the path leads through a large mountain pine field with the mystic “Schwarze Lacke (Black Pool)“: According to legend a “golden carriage”, guarded over by a scary lindworm, lies on the bottom of the deep-black moor pond. The high alpine biotope of the same name was declared “European Nature Reserve Gerzkopf“ due to its fragile diversity of species. This form of peak moor at an altitude of around 1,700 m is extremely rare. Particularly dragonflies, including the alpine azure hawker or the horizontally-striped sombre goldenring, dance like elves over the dark water’s surface. But also endangered bird species such as the white-backed woodpecker, the tree piper or the mountain cock, have their habitat here.

On the peak of the Gerzkopf stands a huge bell - originally it was used for herding the almost 400 sheep together, which spend the summer up on the Gerzkopf every year. www.eben.at


Stories and fairy tales from nature in St. Johann

Elisabeth Hafner is a story-teller, country artist, herb expert and psychomotricity therapist. Anyone strolling through nature with her gets a lesson in mindfulness and conscious observation. She gives useful information about the edible and healing local plants and knows stories from a time, in which wishing helped. Elisabeth Hafner leads you through nature in her own way and opens your eyes - love and devotion are of big importance for the herb fairy, as is being at one with nature and deriving energy from it.

A particularly lovely walk leads from the well-known Hahnbaum, St. Johann’s local mountain. This in turn owes its name to two of the rare and protected forest inhabitants - the mountain cock and the black cock.

A herb walk on the Hahnbaum can be wonderfully combined - maybe with a refreshment stop in the rustic Vogei Hütt’n, a prime example of inner-alpine wooden architecture, or with a dip in the forest swimming pool.



Poetically underway along the “Path of Good Wishes“ in Flachau

Benedictory wishes and sayings accompany hikers and strollers along the “Path of Good Wishes“ in Flachau. The six kilometre long walk, which starts right in the resort centre of Flachau and is suitable for families, takes a good one and a half hours. At the start of the walk, visitors have to pass through a wooden door, leading over the threshold into the forest. And from here on it’s time to let go of your everyday life and concentrate on the small things nature has to offer.

The path leads through the wonderfully scenic natural landscape around Flachau. Meadows straight out of a picture book, enchanting root formations, romantic tree-lined passages and mystic wooded areas create the backdrop for this gentle up hill and down dale walk, quietening your thoughts, grounding and relaxing you. The wishes on the 28 signs along the edge of the path invite you to stop and reflect. www.flachau.com


The Salzburger Sportwelt covers the seven holiday resorts of Flachau, Wagrain-Kleinarl, St. Johann in Salzburg, Radstadt, Altenmarkt-Zauchensee, Eben and Filzmoos. The Salzburger Sportwelt counts as a varied mountain biking, active and adventure region for the whole family. Guests will find around 1,000 km of wellsignposted hiking paths, around 500 km of mountain and e-bike trails plus 18 themed paths – six of which especially for children. The range is enhanced by two children’s adventure mountains, summer lifts, the Thermal Spa Amadé, the Water World in Wagrain plus idyllic alpine huts, amongst which a number of certified Salzburg alpine summer huts, to which also the „Salzburger Almenweg“ leads. www.salzburgersportwelt.com