When the sun disappears behind the mountain and the world becomes silent

The feeling when you set off to a starting point after your work is done and end the evening with a sunset on the mountain is simply indescribable. It's good that there are many touring opportunities in the entire Salzburger Sportwelt, where you can end the sunset with a wonderful drink in hand, a good-tasting snack and your loved ones - simply brilliant. It doesn't matter who you are enjoying the sunset with on the mountain, it leaves nothing to be desired.
Planning is an important part of a sunset tour. Think of warm clothing, sufficient drinks (possibly hot drinks as well) and a headlamp with spare battery/batteries. Before starting the hike, take a look at the weather report to avoid a thunderstorm. Depending on your mood and fitness, you can look for your own sunset spots in the region.

Sunset experience

While I watch the sunset on the mountain in silence, I feel the gratitude and abundance of the past day. In addition to the feeling of forgetting all the stress of the working day and recharging my batteries, I also experience particularly impressive and unbelievable moods. In particular, the different colors and light effects of the setting sun fascinate me every time anew. The pleasant and soothing bright colors and the deep orange light of the evening sun invite you to linger.Before I finally leave the summit again and start down the valley, I switch on my headlamp, turn around in a circle again, let my thoughts wander and look into the distance.  Simply wow!When I get home after the sunset tour, I feel alive, strengthened and thoroughly motivated for the next working day. But first, I'll allow myself a couple of hours of sleep. Good night and enjoy your time on the mountain!I have summarized a few sample tours for you in the following paragraphs, in case you are not quite sure where to soak up the last hours of sunshine in the evening.

Roßbrand - "the Scout"

What more do I need after a stressful day at work than a comfortable couch, a few snacks, cool drinks and some TV viewing pleasure? Nothing? I can think of something. For a change, today's after-work viewing pleasure will involve a leisurely evening hike on the Roßbrand. Today the breathtaking sunset in the breathtaking mountain scenery is on the program. With a unique 360 degree panoramic view of the mountains of the Salzburger Sportwelt and beyond, you are guaranteed to never forget this evening. On a clear day on the Roßbrand you can see as far as the Hohe Tauern, including the Großglockner and Großvenediger. No matter how you get to the Roßbrand, whether on foot, by bike or with the hiking bus, a visit is always worthwhile. The words on the summit cross: “Lord God! Our homeland is beautiful!" couldn't describe the feeling up here at the Roßbrand better.

Duration: about 3 hours
Starting point: Radstadt
Difficulty: easy

Here you can find all information about the Roßbrand and the tour:

Gerzkopf - "the Bearer of Secrets"

The moment is unbelievable when the glow of the evening sun is reflected in the bell and I feel the pleasant warmth of the last rays of the sun on my face. I close my eyes and enjoy every single second. The Dachstein massif and the Bischofsmütze shine in an orange-red glow created by the setting sun. The Gerzkopf is particularly suitable as a sunset tour on a hot summer day. Because the 1,728 meter high Gerzkopf in Eben is wooded up to the summit, there are good shady spots along the way if it is a bit warmer on the ascent. In the upper third of the route, the path then leads through a large field of pine trees past the legendary “Black Pool”, which is said to contain a golden carriage.

Duration: about 3 hours
Starting point: Eben
Difficulty: easy
Here you can find all information about the Gerzkopf and a detailed tour description:

Lackenkogel - the Watchman

Every morning when I drive to the office, I see the Lackenkogel watch over Flachau from afar. The day came some time ago and I thought to myself: “After work, I absolutely have to hike up to the Lackenkogel”. So I waited for the perfect summer day and set off from the Sattelbauer hotel in Flachau.The path from the Sattlerbauer towards the summit now leads alternately over the forest road or a steeper path to the idyllic Lackenalmen. With the dark "Lacken", which the locals also call sky ponds, the peacefully grazing Scottish Highland cattle and the huts, this alpine pasture is a real "place of power." When I arrive at the summit of the Lackenkogel, I immediately feel in a different world. I consciously feel every breath and the light breeze blows around my nose. My gaze immediately wanders into the far distance and I am completely with myself. For me, there is no better way to relax after a long day at work. I completely submerge and after taking some souvenir pictures I put my cell phone away for a moment. When the last rays of the sun disappear and the shadow slowly settles over the valley, I get down again and say "Thank you!".
Duration: about 3 hours
Starting point: Sattelbauer Flachau
Difficulty: easy
Here you can find all information about the Lackenkogel and a detailed tour description:

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photo credits: Michael Groessinger, Bernhard Prieler / TVB Eben, Christian Schartner / Salzburger Sportwelt, Rohrbacher / TVB Radstadt