When everything goes swimmingly - A day at the Eben im Pongau Adventure Bathing Lake

Finally, it's here, summer! Although winter has its advantages, I can hardly wait for summer. A relaxing day at the lake, a refreshing cool down after a nice hike - always a highlight in the hot months. Let the summer sunshine on your face, cool off in the water, play a game of volleyball with friends, or simply switch off. My "place to be" for this: the Eben im Pongau Adventure Bathing Lake.For almost 30 years, the Adventure Bathing Lake in Eben has served as a welcome place to cool off on hot days from the beginning of June to September and enjoys great popularity with young and old, guests and locals alike. The concept is very simple - a bathing lake with a spacious sunbathing lawn all around, with slides, a beach volleyball court, and a small restaurant. But simple does not automatically mean boring.

Fun, games, and action

Holidays and bathing lakes are inseparable for most Eben kids and the families who spend their summer holidays here. Instead of homework, the programme includes cannonball dive battles on the diving board, and one or two attempts at a head-first dive end up as a belly flop. The question of the day: Who will swim the fastest to the platform in the middle of the lake today? The slide is also very busy. Away from the wild hustle and bustle, the little ones splash around in their own "mini bathing lake" with a small slide or let off steam in the playground. Every now and then, a stray volleyball rolls through the area, which is soon eagerly hit over the net of the volleyball court again. Match point!

Sunbathing made easy

For those who prefer to take it a little easier, the large sunbathing lawn offers pleasant spots in the sun or shade. With the smell of sunscreen in your nose, it's much easier to read a good book, browse through a magazine or simply take a nap. After a quick round of beach volleyball and a subsequent cool down in the lake, there is usually a rematch in a game of cards. After that, it's "Gemma no auf a Saftl?", which means "Let's go for a drink". Whether you're really exhausted or relaxed, a cool sundowner or a delicious ice cream is the perfect way to round off a summer's day.

Roll the film!

In the past decades, the bathing lake area has been used several times for village evenings and summer festivals. From July this year, morning yoga classes will be held every week on the lakeshore. A big highlight - and a must-see for me as a film lover - is definitely the Ö3 Silent Cinema on 29th June 2024. For the first time, the Austria-wide tour will stop in Eben im Pongau. Under a clear starry sky, make yourself comfortable in the deckchairs with snacks and drinks and then it's movie time! You can vote for the film online up to two weeks before the event - tickets are also available online. Each guest gets his or her own headphones and can choose whether to listen to the original English soundtrack or the German-dubbed version. In addition to vitamin D during the day, you can treat yourself to a good portion of vitamin C(inema) in the evening.

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©: Lorenz Masser, TVB Eben - Angi Pfuner, Daniel Sobietzki