What do pasta and kangaroos have in common...

Do you know what day it is today? It's International Pasta Day! In honour of this day, I would like to introduce you to a very special farm in Wagrain. We are talking about the Wagrain Chicken Village. A farm where you can find not only eggs, pasta, egg liqueurs and lots of chickens, but also kangaroos. No, I haven't made a mistake here, there are actually kangaroos in Wagrain. Here the English confusion with Australia finally fits. ;)

First of all, the most important questions: Who, where, what? So, in a nutshell. Who? Brigitte, Rudolf, Johanna, Christl, Florian and Mathilda. Where? At the Steinbachgut in sunny Weberlandl. The farm is a beautiful ensemble consisting of a traditional farmhouse that has been renovated down to the last detail and a barn for the chickens with an open-air run. What? The Wagrain chicken village with great organic products and different animals. It is also part of Bio from the Valley!

The Wagrain chicken village is a family-run farm in beautiful SalzburgerLand. Brigitte, the founder of the Wagrain Chicken Village, lives on the farm. You can find her mostly in her greenhouse, where she grows herbs and vegetables. She also makes sure that everything runs smoothly on the farm. Rudolf also co-founded the chicken paradise and runs his own excavation firm on the side. When Johanna is not at the farm, you can usually find her somewhere in nature, where she is busy collecting flowers and grasses. She is a master florist and not only embellishes the farm, but also likes to provide weddings and other festivities with beautiful local floral decorations. You will usually find Christl at the farm with the animals. She looks after them and her heart beats very strongly for her Australian friends, the kangaroos. Florian is responsible for making sure that you know all about the products and that the food finally ends up at your home. He is responsible for marketing and sales. Little Mathilda is also always enthusiastic and helps where she can. :)

In addition to the family, you will of course also find a wide variety of animals in the Wagrain Chicken Village. As you might have guessed from the name of the farm, there are of course lots of chickens. By "lots and lots" I mean lots and lots. In a modern, large, bright barn including a conservatory, which covers an area of 300m², the laying hens also have access to a large meadow. Besides the small, feathered animals, there are also five horses. They too have plenty of space in their boxes, a large paddock and, of course, extensive paddocks. In summer, about 20 sheep with their lambs are also allowed to spend their time on an alpine pasture. And last but not least, of course, there are the kangaroos. You really want to see them? The best thing to do is to combine your visit with a day of soccer golf. Because the wallaby kangaroos spend the summer right next to the Soccer park.

Another great thing: there is a self-service farm shop right in the Wagrain Chicken Village. Here you can pick up organic eggs, organic pasta and organic egg liqueur all year round. You can also order organic soup chickens, organic meat chicken and organic lamb up to twice a year. Of course, you can also find the organic eggs in numerous grocery shops and businesses in the Pongau region.

Well? Do you feel like going to Weberlandl right now and buying pasta? Then make your own, not international, but private noodle day and taste the handmade BIO noodles from the Weberlandl. Wagrainer-Hühnerdorf.

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