Wagraini‘s Winter World – fun skiing for children in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Wow, what fantastic weather. Blue sky, sunshine and a glittering snowy landscape. A perfect day for doing something with my niece. Hmm, but what exactly? She’s still too small for the steep slopes and we won’t get very far on a winter hike. I know! Let’s go to Wagraini‘s Winter World in Wagrain-Kleinarl. So, I pack our things together and pick up the little girl. Great, she’s ready. We jump in the car and head off! Damn, we’ve forgotten her helmet. So, back into the house to pick up the helmet. Now we’ve got everything. I contemplate whether to drive up the Wagraini’s Winter World via Weberlandl or to the Rote 8er cable car and then travel up on the cable car. I decide to take the cable car. My niece loves the great view and we also need a ski pass. We jump into the cable car and head off up to the mid-station.
And the little sweetheart beams from ear to ear as she discovers the children’s paradise. This view really makes the heart of every child beat faster. Our first stop is the magic carpet conveyor belt lift, which like all the other attractions in Wagraini‘s Winter World can be used free of charge. We put our skis on - the little skis look so cute next to mine. Carefully, she stands at the start of the conveyor belt and hey presto, as if by magic, she’s transported uphill.
Those feeling hungry, should skip the next few lines, however, as it’s now time for a “pizza slice!” Wow, so super, how she keeps the tips of the skis together and can already brake. After some time, I notice how she keeps looking over to the rubber ring carousel and losing interest in pizza slices.
So, on to the second stop – the rubber ring carousel: joyfully I watch the kids in the carousel. What could be lovelier than the laughter of children on a lovely winter’s day? After a few rounds we urgently need a little break. In the Dwarves’ House it’s nice and warm and we enjoy our packed lunch, which I prepared at home. As a dessert there’s a few gummi bears to keep our strength up.
As she enjoyed the rubber rings so much, we take the magic forest conveyor belt to the tubing run. The pair of us squeeze into the giant rubber ring, which is small for me, but huge for her – and off we slide downhill. Hooray – that’s fun! Who have I discovered now? There’s Wagraini standing over there and waving to us! One blink of an eye and she’s run over to the large, cuddly Wagraini. Laughing, she gives the marmot a big hug. Wagraini tells her, that the other children are already at the campfire waiting for the ski dwarves barbecue to start, and asks if we want to join them. We’ve picked the right day. Full of excitement we hold our sausage on a stick over the coals and wait. The first side is already light brown, a sign that it’s ready to eat. Split in half, we share the sausage. A perfect snack for in between.
At the last stop my little niece wants to test her speed, of course in a snowplough down the slope. On your marks, get set, goooo! And off we head, carefully with the ski tips touching, downhill. 28 seconds later she shoots over the finishing line. She was by no means the fastest, but my champion of the day. Tired, but happy we head off home. “When can we visit the marmot again? Can I slide on the tubes?” Then her eyes close and she falls asleep on the back seat.

Tips & Info:Those of you wishing to visit the friendly marmot, will find more details here:


Photo credits: TVB Wagrain-Kleinarl, Snow Space Salzburg - Christian Schartner