Wagraini’s Grafenberg – be a child (again)

Your eyes closed facing the sun. The wind in your hair and warmth on your skin. Do you miss this childhood moment too? Sitting on a swing and enjoying life to the full. I hike to the end of the Kleinarl Valley and sit down by the Jägersee Lake. My gaze wanders. Swans, ducks, other hikers, a swing, a cat – a swing? Oh, how lovely that used to be. That reminds me of the giant swing on Wagraini‘s Grafenberg. As a child I often hiked up to the adventure playground, sometimes even travelled up on the cable car. Together with my parents, it was always a great family day out. I can even recall the exact moment, when I stood in front of the 7 metre high swing with a big smile on my face.
Nowadays, when I get the chance to visit Wagraini‘s Grafenberg, it’s with one of my younger cousins or my niece. To be honest, I look forward to swinging just as much as the little ones. Firstly, we always test the strength in our arms. How? Well, we pull ourselves across the lake on a raft.
Of course, the rope suspension bridge ought not to be missed, then back over the bridge to the other side. Phew, that’s wobbly, I was certainly better at it as a child than today. The trampoline on the top also get its turn, shoes off and on we jump. Me too, only to keep an eye on the little ones, of course ??
Then on the Hachau slide to the ropes course, I prefer to go on foot and wait at the bottom. On the ropes course swinging ropes, balancing elements and much more await us.  Here our co-ordination is put to the test. I must admit, it keeps me on my toes. “I’m hungry!“ Oh well, then off to the next hut. Once there we recharge our batteries for the swing forest. We enjoy a tasty snack and a cold, refreshing drink. We soak up some vitamin D and sit for a while on the terrace.
Our delight at the swing forest doesn’t allow us to stop for long. Oh well, enough of the sunshine, let’s head for the swings. And then I see the high frame. The kids are already sitting on the first swing and I take a few photos of them. There’s nothing more delightful than children’s smiley faces. Very tempting this giant thing. Oh well, after a few attempts at persuasion, I’m sitting on the swing. I close my eyes and it’s the same as back then. The wind in my hair and the warm rays of sun on my face, looking up to the sun. Well, almost the same as back then, I can now touch the ground with my feet…

Tips & Info: HERE you can find more information about Wagrainis Grafenberg.

Photo credits: Belina Huttegger, Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus, Salzburger Sportwelt