From scaredy-cat to adrenaline junkie!

The time has finally come - the days are getting longer, the temperatures are rising and spring is here in Flachau. The last snow on the peaks is melting. Finally, it's time again for my friends and me to explore the Flachau adventure world together!
This time the boys get to choose what we do and what else could it be but the ultimate adrenaline kick: they decide on a climbing tour on the high ropes course! So that we can face another test of courage after this one, we decide on the high ropes course near the swimming lake in Flachauwinkl. Whoever dares to jump into the ice-cold Flachauwinkl swimming lake after the climbing tour gets dinner bought by the others - great deal, right?
So, we head off to the climbing park in Flachauwinkl, which is suitable for beginners and advanced climbers. I'm actually quite a scaredy-cat when it comes to the interaction of height and gravity, and at dizzying heights my heart starts to race. But after the well-trained guides equip us with the climbing equipment and explain the comprehensive safety system, our initial nervousness is gone.
So off we go and climb right up to a height of 4 metres - this is where our tour starts. It's great that there are 3 levels with different degrees of difficulty: At heights of 4, 8 or 12 metres, there is something for everyone! After a short briefing, we are allowed to go our own way, because the new belay system means that everything is designed so that no participant can unhook themselves. A safety carabiner that cannot be opened is always carried along.
So, we swing through the course like Tarzan once did through the jungle. After a while, your fear completely disappears, because as time goes on you just trust your body and your skills! But maybe it's also because I've been following Petra's tip: "Don't look down!" for an hour now. There are up to 70 different high ropes elements in the climbing park. Rope bridges, balance beams, mini flying fox and lots of stations to get your adrenaline pumping. The higher we climb, the queasier our stomach feels - but the view at 12 metres is simply brilliant, you suddenly experience the bathing lake and the surroundings from a completely different perspective!
But now let's get out of here before I lose my courage - step by step we're going downwards again, and the coolest thing is that we haven't done any of the elements a second time yet! There is always a new challenge. We’re now approaching the highlight of the whole tour through the high ropes course, which will enable us to fulfil a long-awaited dream - flying! On the Flying Fox, we get to test our limits once again. It takes a lot of courage (and nerves) for me to take the step into the void. But, once you're flying, it's one of the best feelings ever!
Back on solid ground, we are all overjoyed, proud and still pumped full of endorphins! I look back on an exciting experience and never imagined that I would go from being a scaredy-cat to an adrenaline junkie! Now there’s only one question left: Who dares to jump into the mountain lake and win the bet?

>         There are two high ropes courses in Flachau:

High Ropes Course at the Bathing Lake in Flachauwinkl (Run by: ACS, Alpincenter Salzburger Sportwelt, T: +43 (0) 664 28 23 798)

High Ropes Courses in the resort centre of Flachau (Run by: Almlust Aktiv,T: +43 (0) 6457 319 58)>         Minimum age: 8 years (must be accompanied by an adult), from 12 years and a minimum height of 1.40 m children can climb alone.

Booking: (Pre-booking required!)      
Refreshments available at the Restaurant Seestüberl
Free admission to the bathing lake!

Photo credits: Fabia Marie Huber