How to give your inner child a pleasant day of wellness at the Thermal Spa Amadé and think about your adult preferences at the same time.

A day at the Adventure Thermal Spa Amadé

Ouch. My feet slide past the hole. The whirlpool sucks. I slow down. Too slowly. This is not how I imagined a wellness day at the Therme Amadé.Fold up.The maelstrom wins.Asshole. My upper body is on my feet. Off we go.I unfold myself and get out of the poola - look left and right. No one noticed. Honestly, I would have imagined sliding down the funnel slide differently the first time. I was lucky. No one can see into the funnel from above. I was all alone at the exit. Maybe I should go to the sauna as I'm over 30? Give me 5 minutes of your time and you'll find out everything about splashing around in the Thermal Spa Amadé in this article:

  • How to delight your inner child with slides
  • Why salt beautifies your skin
  • How you feel in the sauna

Really practical. On the website of the Adventure Thermal Spa Amadé I find a button. It tells me whether there are still places in the spa. My impatience grumbles when it has to wait. Today we’re treating ourselves to a day at the adventure thermal baths with sauna. The over-30 muscles will thank us. We spread our towels on 2 loungers in the gallery and refresh ourselves in the warm outdoor pool. Splash around, stroll, enjoy.

Off to the slide paradise

The child in me is not satisfied with the adult stuff. The slides in the Thermal Spa Amadé are enticing. It feels like it's all children - occasionally with their parents. It doesn't matter.Nobody knows us, anyway.;)Show the kids how cool old people are on the looping slide. Run up the steps. Allow ourselves another round - and grimace when the bottom disappears in the looping slide. The rocket launch surprises me every time.

My story from the funnel slide whispers to me that once in this slide is enough. In return, I sink into a ride in the Black Mamba tunnel slide. Little kids prefer the Kobri - a snake slide. They are right! For the shaky legs after the slide experience in the Thermal Spa Amadé, we treat ourselves to the salt water relaxation pool. The 35 °C water temperature pampers tired feet.

Jump into the water

My inner child is still whining. I jump into the wave pool and for a short while, I feel like I'm at the seaside - with a view of the Pongau mountains.Climbing is on the agenda. I'm a loser - but it's still fun. Finally.The diving tower opens. Why do I do this to myself?

I'm standing at the 3-metre tower, looking into the water and suddenly the 3 metres are much higher. There are hungry diving boys waiting at the back. So, close your eyes and go for it. A header off the 3-metre board - I won't win any beauty contests with that.The lounger is calling. Well, not me as much as my boyfriend. He slumbers - restlessness germinates in me.I decide to do some sports and swim a few laps in the sports pool. Wow, half an hour of swimming really gets me going.Now, it’s time to enjoy a rest. Curled up on the lounger, my appetite kicks in.A salad from the buffet, where my taste buds crackle as I bite into it, tortellini tricolore and a kombucha cranberry go down like honey from a teaspoon.

Time for grown-up stuff: Sauna time at the Therme Amadé

The bikini comes off - the sauna landscape is a textile-free zone. The infusion schedule reveals hot things:90°C in the salt sauna, approx. 25 minutes. We enjoy the salt infusion.Pre-sweating is the motto. 2 rounds. Sweat at 90°C.Afterwards we get salt in the open air and rub it on the skin. Don't use it on sore or freshly shaved areas - I did it wrong last time...The salt has a peeling effect. 2 infusions grill our beads of sweat. The sauna mistress waves. People move to the lowest bench. Breathe in and out deeply. Phew.Hopefully not for much longer. Sweat combines with salt. Becomes brine. Only then does it really work. Finally.

Fresh air is good for you. Then a shower with ice-cold water. The water bucket smiles at my friend. Um. No. You won't get me with that today. The loungers finally entice me to take a rest - the view of the darkening sky.

Facts & Figures Adventure Thermal Spa Amadé

Are you a numbers person? Then you’ll find Thermal Spa Amadé figures, data, and facts in the next section.<ol> <li>the Therme Amadé is open daily from 09.00 - 22.00 hrs.</li> <li>approx. 30,000 m2 bathing and sauna area.</li> <li>60 % of the water surface is covered.</li> <li>free admission to the Therme Amadé with the SalzburgerLand Card, reduced admission with the Salzburger Sportwelt Card.</li> <li>the single looping slide is unique in Austria.</li></ol>The following highlights will inspire your wellness day in the Therme Amadé:<ol> <li>Wave pool</li> <li>Rock crystal pool</li> <li>Children's pool</li> <li>Relaxation pool</li> <li>Sports pool</li> <li>Amethyst pool (indoor and outdoor)</li> <li>Crazy river in the outdoor pool</li> <li>Massage and bubble benches4 slides awaken your inner child:</li></ol>

  • Kobri - snake slide (toddlers up to 10 years)
  • Black Mamba - tunnel slide (from 8 years)
  • Python - funnel slide (from 10 years)
  • Anaconda - single looping slide (from 12 years)

For even more family fun:

  • 1-metre diving tower
  • 3-metre diving tower
  • 5 metre high climbing wall
Sauna area in the Therma Amadé: - Rose Quartz Pool - Dip pool - Agate spring - Panorama alpine sauna (85 °C) - Rock crystal sauna (95 °C) - Swiss stone pine sauna (85 °C) - Amethyst sauna (60 °C) - Salt sauna (90 °C) - Steam bath (48 °C) - Haman (40 - 50 °C) - Hot infusions - Sauna bar The relaxation rooms catapult you into the land of dreams - whether you marvel at the Pongau mountains with your eyes open or take a nap. Massages pamper your muscles, your body, your soul. You know what? I haven't managed to enjoy a massage at the Thermal Spa Amadé yet. I was always too busy sliding, splashing around and taking a sauna. Pictures of the Thermal Spa Amadé say more than 1,000 words. Dive into the picture gallery of the spa here:

The Adventure Thermal Spa Amadé tingles more than lemonade

Sparkling is the secret: sliding, jumping, climbing. Honestly?Lemonade tastes delicious. But every sip is the same. Not so at the Thermal Spa Amadé:Every corner is home to an interesting spot. Families with children, adults and the children explore the bathing fun. There’s something to suit every age, every preference, every wish, the thermal baths in Altenmarkt are truly a wellness treasure trove. Are you already familiar with the Thermal Spa Amadé? Tell me about it in the comments!

PS: My slide experience in the funnel slide did not inflict any physical pain on me. My ego is still struggling today.PPS: Children of all ages are allowed to discover the sauna in the Thermal Spa Amadé with their parents (under 16s only with an adult). However, back then I would never have thought of going to the sauna with my parents. Just give it a try!

Prices & Info:You can find the prices of the Therme Amadé here.To find your way to the bathing paradise quickly, enter this address in your navigation system:Erlebnis-Therme AmadéThermenplatz 15541 Altenmarkt im Pongau

photo credits: Erlebnis-Therme-Amade, Nadia-Jabli-Photography