Off to the adventure downhill run at the sixpack!

From mid-December, you’ll find an adventurous ski trail for young and old in Filzmoos!
On this fine December morning, the view out of the window immediately puts a smile on my face - snow has fallen overnight and there’s a fresh covering. As so often, Filzmoos is transformed into a white winter wonderland. My 7-year-old cousin Elisa, who can hardly wait to jump into her skis, is excited too about this beautiful sight. And she can make her first tracks in the snow here in Filzmoos much earlier than other children, because today she gets to try out the new adventure trail at the sixpack Mooslehen.
The Filzmoos ski lifts don’t officially start the winter season until Saturday, 17th December 2022, but preparations are already in full swing. Amongst other things, the highlight of the coming winter has now been completed: The new adventure run is virtually a bypass of the sixpack mountain station and eventually joins the existing ski slope, roughly in the middle section of the run. It is over a kilometre long in total and consists of two sections that promise lots of fun for young and old.
Arriving at the top station of the sixpack, the friendly staff help my cousin to get off. Directly to the left below the lift station is the start of the adventure trail. You can't miss it because of the good and child-friendly signage. My cousin is immediately thrilled by the first wave track, which follows about 50 metres after the start. After the first three waves, there is a somewhat steeper section, which the little one masters with ease, as she concentrates fully on the funny figures and improves her skiing skills in a playful way.
Some colourful and funny rotating figures follow and Elisa has to laugh out loud at the moving middle body parts of the figures as they dance like propellers in the snow. The highlight is a soft figure that dangles a kind of cylinder in the air to box away. After another wave track, the little ski star is beaming from ear to ear, overcomes a few more steep turns with ease and masters the last little obstacles with flying colours. Her sparkling children's eyes reveal that she not only had a lot of fun, but is also proud to have reached the finish without falling. Piste-side, the adventure descent is visibly closed off with a barrier. Here there is another ideal section of piste with smaller elements to overcome.

We turn around again briefly and look at the new downhill run from below. It is definitely unique and makes ideal use of the existing terrain so that the rotating figures do not disturb the natural idyll and the hills of the wave run nestle into the natural surroundings. The overall concept was developed together with the company Smart Solutions GmbH, Young Mountain and Mathias Moosleitner. Mathias is on site once again in person at today's finalisation of the fun children's track. What luck for little Elisa, who actually gets to ski through and have fun a second time before all the other children.

From Saturday 17th December 2022, the fun adventure trail at the sixpack will be officially opened. The Filzmoos ski lift company are already looking forward to many shining children's eyes!
photo credits: Bergbahnen Filzmoos