Three “after work” bike tours in Flachau

When the temperature gets pleasanter late afternoon, I’m yearning for fresh air, sunshine and physical exercise after a long day in the office, then I hop onto my bike. Great, that there are such cool tours in Flachau that are perfect for just that.

The tour to the Marbachalm for example: 26 km with a gentle climb of 440 m elevation gain are easily conquerable in 2 to 2.5 hrs. If I really step on it, I can even manage a refreshment stop at the Ennslehenhütte or at the Prechtlalm.Tour description >> 

A golden oldie is the Sattelbauer Circular Trail: whereby along the 13 km tour there are snappy ascents to conquer (approx. 470 m elevation gain). My favourite elderflower juice with soda water on the terrace with view at the Sattelbauer is an absolute must. Tour description >> 

When I fancy a gentle ride or if it’s really hot, then the Schloss Höch circular tour is on the programme (approx. 11 km and 140 m elevation gain). Then I always take my swimsuit with me, as a refreshing dip in the Reitdorf bathing lake is a dream come true afterwards.Tour description >> 

Mountain biking doesn’t always have to be strenuous. I enjoy outdoor exercise, I can unwind and have a great time too! I recommend you try it. Have fun!

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photo credits: TVB Flachau