This is what we live for!

When you come on holiday to Radstadt, you'll encounter not only beautiful landscapes and numerous animals but also people who shape the town into what it is. In our series "This is what we live for!", we've tried to find out what the residents of Radstadt, those who work here and call the town their home, live for. Each person has their own story to tell, their own motivations, and their own passions. The first port of call for guests in Radstadt is likely the accommodation they can look forward to after their long journey. Our hosts are fully dedicated to the well-being of their guests, whether they are small private landlords or large hotels.
Wolfgang runs the "Landhaus Aubauerngut," an accommodation he can rightfully be proud of. The house is furnished in country-house style, and from the rooms you have a splendid view of the surrounding mountain landscape, like the Rossbrand or the Lackenkogel. Adjacent to the house, there's a small farm with all sorts of animals, such as ponies and sheep. Being an animal lover, Wolfgang naturally ensures that your four-legged friends who arrive as guests are accommodated for free at the Aubauerngut. "Repeat visitors" to Radstadt might be familiar with the Haym Family’s "Untersulzberghof" which is the destination of herding the cattle down every other year. After a fire in 1917, the farmhouse was rebuilt and now boasts a proud 100-year history. Since the farm has been in the possession of the same family for over 200 years, it holds the title of a hereditary farm, adorned with a hereditary farm sign hanging next to the front door. In 2015, Maria and Andreas took over the farm, ensuring the well-being of their guests as both hosts and farmers. Animals on a farm are, of course, an integral part, and together with Andreas and Maria, they try to convey to young and old guests the daily life on a farm.

To better acquaint themselves with their vacation destination, many of our guests visit the local history museum in the Capuchin Tower, where they meet Rudi Hermann. Although not a native of Radstadt but hailing from our neighboring town of Altenmarkt, Rudi is passionate about the museum and the history of the city. Rudi gladly spends time with the museum's visitors, informing them about the Radstadt Peasant Wars, rural life in the mountains in earlier times, and of course, the Perchten & Krampus traditions. A special highlight in the Capuchin Tower is the wooden roof truss, which was renovated in 2021, along with the adjacent monastery church, after being infested by woodworms, and now looks spanking new.

With so much to see in our museums and Rudi having so much to share, the morning often passes quickly, and one's stomach starts to growl. In Radstadt, you have a plethora of choices when it comes to dining because everything tastes good! If you're in the mood for Italian flair and authentic Mediterranean cuisine, head to "da Sebastiano." Sebastiano Dimauro comes from Southern Italy, and lives for cooking, and that passion is evident in the tasty dishes he and his team prepare. In our video, he even shares a few secrets and reveals how his delicious pizza can be baked.

For guests who can't decide what to do in the afternoon, they often end up at a place I'm quite familiar with - the Tourist Office. In the autumn of 2021, we moved into the new office on Schernbergstrasse, which is a pleasant workspace for us and a modern info point for our guests. Always ready to help with advice and assistance is my colleague Sonja, and it seems like no request is too complicated for her – she always finds a solution. As a colleague, I notice every day that working in the tourist office is more than just a job for Sonja; it's her calling.

This is just a small excerpt from our "This is what we live for" series; you can find many more videos on our YouTube channel. If you want to discover where to find the most beautiful souvenirs for your home in Radstadt, I recommend watching the videos from Mandlberggut and gaining insights into Sauschneid Sepp’s philosophy of life. Although Radstadt is a small historic town with only 5,000 inhabitants, everyone has their own passion that they live for. It’s certainly worth taking a peek behind the scenes.

photo credits: Markus Rohrbacher, Thomas Stiegler, Lorenz Masser