The Lumberjack Organic Mountain Restaurant - a concept that tastes good

It's a brilliant winter's day and the conditions are almost perfect for skiing. It's quite chilly, the temperatures are around -5°C. So, we put on our warm ski gear and we head off to the Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl shuttle mountain. Today I am especially looking forward to lunch, because I'm trying out the Lumberjack organic mountain restaurant. I have already heard so much about the ski lodge and can hardly wait to see this unique concept for myself.

The ski area is simply great! With the Panorama Link, connecting gondola of the two ski areas Snow Space Salzburg and Shuttleberg Flachauwinkl-Kleinarl, the offer for skiers and snowboarders couldn't be greater. Simply marvellous! Directly in front of the valley station of the Lumberjack Shuttle is the magnificent ski hut. Wow! I am delighted to see the last free table on the terrace.

First of all, I take a look around. Did you know that all the tables in the food hall are on rails? This means they can be moved inside or outside, depending on the weather. Now, that's what I call practical. The individual stations where I can get my food and drinks look very promising. Well, now the most important question is: what am I going to eat today? I'm surprised to see that there really is something for everyone, whether meat, vegetarian, salad, soup or pizza, salad. The dishes are also available in different sizes and can be eaten as a whole meal or as a snack between meals. One of the top priorities and principle of the Lumberjack organic mountain restaurant is the regionality and organic quality of the food itself. Whether meat, berries, herbs or cheese - everything is local and comes from the direct surroundings. Even the drinking water comes from the restaurant's own spring. The coolest thing about it: there are greenhouses on the roof of the hut, where they even grow and harvest their own vegetables and herbs. So, it really doesn't get more local than that. There is also a separate stand with delicacies from Bio aus dem Tal. The two concepts fit together perfectly! By the way, in July 2021, the Lumberjack organic mountain restaurant was certified the very first organic hut in the Alps. When I think about the whole concept, it's no wonder.

Did you know that even the hut itself was built using only local craftsmen and raw materials from the surrounding area? Together with the architect Markus Dölzlmüller, the owner Maria Schmid-Harml realised her dream of the Lumberjack. The hut consists mainly of wood, which does justice to its name – Lumberjack. Thus, you’ll also find individual decorative elements that have been carved with a chainsaw and much more. If you stand in the middle of the food hall and look up, you can even see a suspension bridge! Who’d have thought it! :)
Oh yes, I haven't told you about the upper floor yet! You can reserve a table for 6 or more and eat family style. Every single station in the Food Hall offers one or two dishes. These are then served in large bowls, pots or on boards and placed and in the middle of the tables. From here on it's self-service from the centre of the table.
I am very impressed with the concept behind this ski hut. It's totally different and cannot be compared with a visit to a traditional hut. Here, eating out is not just eating out, but spending time with your loved ones and, simultaneously doing good by consuming local food.

You can find more information about the Lumberjack Hut here.

photo credits: Lumberjack, Salzburger Sportwelt, Wintersportlive, Markus Fischer