The good old packed lunch

Let's be honest – there’s nothing better than enjoying a tasty snack at the summit amid a mountain panorama and savouring the unbeatable view at the same time. The cooler days in late summer are ideal for climbing the next mountain without getting too hot and sweaty. Plus, you’ll need all the strength and energy you can get. And that’s just what our packed lunch provides.
Tomorrow we’re going go hiking! ... When I hear these words, I‘m immediately transported back to my childhood, when mum brought our rucksacks up from the cellar. We were overcome with excitement whilst getting ready. What should we put in our backpacks? Just don't forget anything. We pack: a rain jacket, a small towel, a spare t-shirt etc.

BUT the best thing was THE PACKED LUNCH. We always packed a snack, no matter whether we knew a hut was open or not. We always stopped for refreshment where it suited us best: on a bench, in a clearing, on a tree root, on the bank of a mountain lake, on a rock, on the summit cross - we enjoyed it so much. And, as back then with my mum, I do exactly the same today with my son. As so often, the best traditions are carried on.

First, we go to the baker to get different types of rolls and a quark pastry - all fresh from the baker who lives for his craft - Backerei Steinbauer. If only it were that easy, with such a huge choice, we’ll probably take another pastry or two as well, because everything smells sooo delicious.

Then it's a few metres further down the road to our butcher, Ladinger, where it smells of bacon - as the aromahits my nose, I can already see myself sitting on the summit cross with my packed lunch. We stand in front of the display cabinet and despite the large selection we know exactly what we want in our packed lunch: a Landjager salami sausage, sausage spread, a bit of bacon and a bit of cheese.

Now there is only one thing missing: drinks and snacks.In the shop BIOS we have a choice of good juices, fruit and vegetables and also a few healthy temptations – we also prepare nibbles such as apple slices, muesli bars, nut for a little burst of energy in between in the forest on a tree stump, on the bank of the stream.

We like to eat and enjoy it. No path is too far for us if our packes lunch is always to hand in our rucksack. We hike leisurely along paths, the Landjager sausage our faithful companion. We savour the view and look for an idyllic spot for a refreshment stop. Finally, we make ourselves comfortable on a rock, beneath the yearning gaze of the other hikers, and enjoy our snack. What is an absolute must in your packed lunch? And where - apart from the cosy huts - is your favourite place to stop for refreshment surrounded by nature?
The perfect way to round off your snack on your hiking tour is with the right packaging. Boxes, containers and bottles that can be reused are not only good for your wallet, but also good for our mountain environment. I generally make sure to take as little packaging material as possible with me on the mountain. Most of the food goes into reusable plastic or aluminium containers. What is left over, is of course, put back into my backpack and taken back down the mountain.

More information on which tours you can enjoy your snack can be found here.

photo credits: Sonja Holzer