The Eben Fair – a festival for “young and young-at-heart“

It’s nearly that time of year again - the legendary Eben Fair is just around the corner! For 42 years now the first Saturday in October has been a fixed date in the Ebner locals’ calendar of events.  I was there on the day last year and I’d love to tell you all about it!

A full programme the whole day long

„Stephaaaaaaaanieeee, when are we going?“, my brother whines impatiently, as just like me he can hardly wait to get to the fair. “The fair will still be there, when we get there“, I answer – and I’m right, it is still there when we get there.  It’s actually open from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, but that doesn’t mean there’s no more fun after 5.00 pm – it’s just getting started for the party animals!Something for everyoneBouncy castle and toy stand this side, raffle and show wood carving that side – at the fair in the centre of Eben there’s lots going on and we can’t decide what to see or do first. But then we try our luck at one of the raffles – and would you believe it - our Christmas tree will be decorated with new baubles this year!

Local delicacies!

The Eben Fair has lots of culinary delights to offer too: meat fritters, bosna hot dogs, cheese sausages, grilled chicken – there’s something to suit every taste. We unanimously go for the meat fritters with sauerkraut and “mhhhh“ – that was definitely the right decision!

Regional delicacies

And Eben's Kirchtag also has a lot to offer in terms of culinary delights: whether meat fritters, Bosna, Kas'krainer, Kirchtag chicken from the grill - there's something for everyone. We ourselves unanimously opt for meat fritters with sauerkraut and "Mhhhh" - that was definitely the right decision!

And what can't be missing from a traditional Kirchtag, of course? Exactly! Candyfloss and foam rolls! And because you can always give someone great pleasure with little things, we decide to take our parents (along with the new Christmas tree baubles ??) a pack of foam rolls as well.

A really great day

My little brother (who, by the way, didn't want to go home) and I had a lot of fun at the Ebener Kirchtag and can recommend a visit to everyone - whether "young" or "old"!

The next Kirchtag is expected to take place at the beginning of October 2024.

photo credits: Stephanie Rettenegger, TVB Eben, RTS