The Easter Lamb – a sweet tradition

Easter is the festival of the Resurrection of Christ and associated with many traditions. Easter is not celebrated on a fixed date, as for example Christmas, it is dependent on the cycle of the moon. That’s why the Easter weekend is always on the weekend after the first spring full moon.

Meaning and tradition

One of the most well-known symbols at Easter in our region is the Easter Lamb. It has been a symbol for innocent sacrifice, the death of Jesus Christ, in Christianity since early times. Even in the Old Testament the lamb was a sacrificial animal and was sacrificed to God in various rituals. Plus, with its white coat it is a symbol of purity. Its peaceful behaviour should be a sign for mankind, to lead a life of peace too. The sacrificial lamb has taken a back seat amid our new-age customs. That means, we don’t slaughter a real lamb anymore, but we have an Easter Lamb version in the form of a cake.

The Easter Lamb is a fixed part of Easter celebrations in our house too. Baking this tasty sweet dish has been a tradition of ours for many years now.Celebrating Easter as we know it, won’t be possible this year. However, I’d like to keep to tradition and bake our tasty Easter Lamb this year too. Here I’ll let you into the secret of my favourite recipe:


How to bake your tasty Easter Lamb: Let’s go! First of all, I preheat the oven at 200 °C (convection). I grease the cake tin with plenty of butter and scatter with breadcrumbs.

Now I start making the batter and firstly cream the butter with a hand mixer.

Then, I gradually add the sugar and the vanilla sugar.

I mix the eggs in one by one.

Then add the sieved flour with baking powder, lemon zest and milk.

Let’s carry on! I’ve already greased the lamb-shaped baking tin. Now I fill it with the batter. TIP: So that the ears are more stable, I put a toothpick into the batter of each ear.

I then put the cake in the oven (convection) for approx 40 minutes.
After baking, I leave the tin to cool down and carefully release the cake out of the tin.
The Easter Lamb is sprinkled generously with icing sugar and lovingly decorated with a ribbon and little bell. For his eyes I use raisins, which I also fix with a toothpick.

TIP: Before you start baking your Easter Lamb, you should get all ingredients out of the fridge, so that they are of room temperature.

The blessing

Traditionally Easter specialities are blessed in the church on Easter Sunday. In addition to Easter Lamb, home-coloured eggs, sausage meat, cheese and bread shouldn’t be forgotten. This year, Corona has put an end to all that. We’re staying at home and enjoying Easter with our tasty Easter Lamb anyway.I hope I can sweeten your Easter celebrations a little with this recipe and wish you, in spite of the serious circumstances and difficult time, a lovely Easter.Have fun baking! Stay at home and stay healthy!

Photo credits: Sabrina Reisenberger