The style for the most beautiful day

A wedding is something very special and the bridal hairstyle is just as special. It’s the finishing touch to the bride’s look.

But how do you start? First the dress and then the hairstyle? Or are there brides who start with a precise idea of the hairstyle and make-up and then look for the matching dress? I asked Christina Fischbacher, hairdresser and make-up artist from Flachau, these and a few other questions.

Right at the beginning - the inspiration...

Christina: "Most of my brides actually buy their dress several months before the wedding date and the location, colour concept, flower arrangements, ... have also been decided for some time. The bride comes to me with her first thoughts and ideas about the styling and I always look forward to creating a special look together with my customer.”

Flowing, open hair or playful updos, what do you recommend for whom or what goes with which dress? And do you have any tips for brides with short hair?

Christina: "The neckline of the dress is an important criterion for the bridal hairstyle. For example, if the dress has a low-cut back, this is best emphasised by an updo. Off-the-shoulder dresses, on the other hand, are set off wonderfully by open hair.Of course, the structure of the hair also plays an important role, because after all, the hairstyle should ideally hold well until after midnight. Fine, thin hair is predestined to be pinned up partially or completely. Hairpieces can also be incorporated wonderfully.If the bride has shorter hair, you can create beautiful accents with braids or cords. The hair accessories are very important for a short hairstyle, as the bride should stand out.”

Veil, yes or no?

Christina: "I'm not a big fan of the veil because it covers up the very special hairstyle. So, it's best to take off the veil after the wedding. Of course, I'll be happy to show the bride the easiest way to do that."

A radiant make-up - the "decoration" for the face...

Christina: "When it comes to make-up, a touch of instinct is required, because for many customers it is the first time they have had their make-up done professionally. It can be a little different and a little more than in everyday life, but the most important thing is that the bride feels beautiful and comfortable.

Everything stands and falls with good time management...

Christina: "Once we have tried out and decided on the hairstyle and make-up, I can easily estimate how much time will be needed on day X. And then it's better to start half an hour earlier than to arrive stressed at the wedding.If the client is from the region, we make the consultation appointment about 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding. But we also have the right appointment management for the bride from further away."

Coffee and Red Bull to wake you up, or sparkling wine and spirits to calm you down?

Christina: "Both! First there's always a small breakfast and then the obligatory glass of champagne. After all, the bride's circulation is quite challenged on this day.

"So, ready and then?"

Christina: "Well, I'm relieved at first, and also a bit proud and happy - because, yes it's true - the bridal hairstyle and the right make-up make the bride's look perfect."

Hoaschoaf – Hair & Make up

Christina Fischbacher is a hairdresser and make-up artist. In 2019, she fulfilled her big dream of owning her own salon."Hoaschoaf - Hair & Make up" is one of the top addresses in the region when it comes to bridal hairstyles.

photo credits: Christian Fischbacher