Stretch, relax and enjoy

Awaken your zest for life with yoga on the mountain

As of this summer, there are several yoga sessions a week on the programme in Flachau. For me, as an absolute beginner, this was an opportunity to try out yoga. So, together with two of my colleagues, I immediately jumped at the chance to take part in "Morning yoga on the mountain with breakfast" to gain my first experience. To be honest, I was a bit nervous when I arrived at the Berggasthof Winterbauer shortly before 8 am in glorious summer weather, because I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as very agile and 75 minutes could be really strenuous.
Theresa, our yoga teacher, takes away my fears right away, because from the beginning she makes it clear that yoga has to do with feeling good and that there are exercises suitable for every level. I'm relieved, because I don't want to embarrass myself in front of my colleagues, who all have some yoga experience.

We start with the "sun salutation" and then move on to the "upward" and "downward dog", even the "little cobra" is included. What I also didn't know, there are different yoga variations. Theresa practises "Vinyasa Yoga" with us. Here, the individual exercises (asanas) are performed in a flowing sequence and in sync with your breathing. As the session progressed, I got more and more into a kind of flow. I would never have expected that. The beautiful location in the middle of the greenery, the fresh morning air and the view of the Lackenkogel here on the Feuersang certainly contribute to my being able to get involved with everything even better.

At the end of the session, I lie on my back in "Shavasana" (a resting position) and the sun shines in my face. It feels as if it is smiling at me, and I smile back.Completely relaxed, we then go to the terrace at Berggasthof Winterbauer. A delightful breakfast buffet awaits us here. The morning could start like this more often.

Perhaps such a yoga session on holiday is the ideal opportunity for you to give it a try. At you can get an overview of the yoga sessions currently available in Flachau.

photo credits: Flachau Tourismus - Gerald Oberreiter