Well, there are plenty of strange holidays, but I would like to take today's Day of Homemade Bread as an opportunity to peak behind the scenes of a traditional Filzmoos bakery - Bäckerei Sieberer.

The traditional Sieberer bakery is located in the centre of Filzmoos and has been owned by the Sieberer family for over 50 years. Christian Sieberer, the boss of the house, runs the business together with his wife Barbara in the second generation. I am sure that the business will not have to worry about the third generation, because the four daughters of the house are already actively helping in the family business.Anna-Lena, the oldest daughter of the family, tells me something about the history of the business: "In 1969, my grandparents Barbara and Friedrich Sieberer took over the former bakery "Daxenbichler" in Filzmoos. They immediately started with the renovation, which was successfully completed in 1971. In 1988 came the next step - they decided to build a production building. In order to meet the new demands of the market, the range of products in the frozen food sector was also expanded. In 1990, the new production facility could finally be put into operation."

In the same year, another major milestone was set. The 12-hour "dough rest" was introduced in the business. "The production process, which is unique in Austria, gives our baked goods their natural and unmistakable flavour development," Anna-Lena proudly reports. But it is not only the famous “Goldsemmel” (golden roll) with the "12-hour dough rest" that is widely popular and well-known, the popular "Bauernklotzenbrot" (farmer’s fruit loaf) even won 2nd prize in the international bread competition "Bread from Europe".


A loaf of bread in an industrial factory gets just ninety minutes from mixing to delivery to the branches. That rules out working with sourdough right from the start. For us, good things take time until they are ready for the oven," Anna-Lena smiles as she raves to me about the delicious Alpine loaf. "Back to nature" was the guiding principle in the development of this bread. The Filzmooser Almlaib (Filzmoos Alpine loaf, formerly baked as a large "family loaf" in the countryside, fulfilled the needs of the time.Anyone who works in the bakery should be an early riser. For Rosi, the "working day" starts at midnight, when others are still fast asleep. Her first task is to bake the buns and rolls that have already rested for 12 hours and were still in the so-called proofing retarder. The slow-doughing process allows the baked goods to "rise" for a long time, which gives the raw baked goods plenty of time to develop flavour, resulting in intensely tasting baked goods. The most modern machines make heavy work steps easier. "Modern technology has also found its way into traditional businesses, otherwise the work could no longer be done. However, it is and remains a craft where you need passion for it," Rosi explains to me.

The next step is to prepare the sourdough for the popular Filzmoos Alpine loaf. At least 24 hours pass before the bread is worked up and is then available for sale in the shop.First, the sourdough is set for the next day and rests for many hours. On the next working day, more ingredients are added and then it's "let the dough rest" again.Rosi's colleagues do the shaping and baking. After that, the bread is put back into the proofing room to "rise" and then baked. At 4.00 am. the next shift starts. First, it's time to count and bag the bread, and then at 5.00 am it's time to deliver. The bread from the Sieberer bakery is also delivered to neighbouring villages, from Altenmarkt and Zauchensee to Flachau, many guests of the Salzburger Sportwelt can enjoy the pastries from our mountain village. Sieberer's are also represented in wholesale and retail.

Every year ...The most beautiful time of the year ...

No other time in Austria is associated with as many traditions as the pre-Christmas season. And what would the pre-Christmas season be without the many sweet delicacies? Kletzenbrot is one of the oldest Christmas pastries and is especially widespread in Austria. Did you know that Kletzenbrot (fruit loaf) is part of Austria's culinary heritage?Tradition and above all quality are also the top priorities for the Sieberer family. Thus, they were awarded 2nd prize in the international bread competition "Bread from Europe" with their farmer’s fruit loaf. The Sieberer "Klotzenbrot" combines dried fruits, spices and sourdough to create a juicy taste experience. "There are many different regional variations of this sweet fruit bread, but ours is the best!" Anna-Lena informs me with a smile on her face.If you are now in the mood for crispy baked sourdough bread or a crispy golden roll, you can get them for breakfast in many accommodation establishments. But the best thing to do is to pay Gabi a visit at Café Sieberer. Among other things, you can have breakfast there or enjoy a piece of cake with your afternoon coffee. In the in-house pastry shop, not only are cakes and tarts conjured up for the daily business, but you can also order a cake here for a special occasion. In summary, all lovers of coffee with golden crema, reschen gold rolls, traditional Alpine loaf and fruit loaf or sweet temptations are in the right place at Sieberer!You can also try the delicious "fruit loaf", made from sourdough with dried fruits and spices, at the Christmas market in Filzmoos - this year for the first time at the village square in Filzmoos.

Village Advent Filzmoos

After a two-year break due to Covid, the Filzmoos VillageAdvent with Christmas market and Advent walk can finally take place again. This year it will not take place in front of the church as usual, but on the village square in Filzmoos. Fine Christmas baked goods, handicrafts and much more await you again this year. During the Advent walk through the mountain village you will pass the pilgrimage church "Filzmooser Kindl" and along the walk you will find one or two atmospheric Christmas stops.


The Filzmoos restauranteurs have come up with something very special for the Advent season this year and are organising the "Culinary Advent" on 8th December 2022 from 5.30 pm. The event is a culinary round trip to a unique 10-course Advent menu including an aperitif. The Filzmoos devils, brass bands, carol singers and those who want something a little more romantic can take a ride through the mountain village in a horse-drawn sleigh.Further information and ticket sales at the Filzmoos Tourist Office.

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photo credits: Bäckerei Sieberer, CoenWeesjes, Barbara Sieberer