Step by step to winter hiking pleasure

The new year is nearly upon us and we don’t really know what’s in store. One thing’s for sure, you don’t have to see the whole path as you head along it. Just put one foot in front of the other and see what happens along the way.
My current steps produce a crunching sound in the cold winter’s air. For a change, I’m not out and about on my backcountry touring skis, we (my cousin and I) have consciously decided to undertake a winter hike to the Lackenkogel. Snow conditions permitting.
From the Sattelbauer we head up through the forest to the Lackenalm area – be careful in the forest, as it’s somewhat icy. After a good 45 minutes a wonderfully snowy alpine landscape opens up and the sunshine makes the snow-covered scenery look like a glittering carpet. So beautiful!

A picnic in the snow

The Lackenalmen alpine huts, which provide refreshment in summer, are closed during the winter. However, it’s still worth coming up for the view – how about you take a blanket and a thermos flask with you and simply sit in the snow and enjoy a winter picnic? :)As the snow conditions allow, we stomp past the Lackenalmen and head up to the peak. Even along the way, the panoramic view with its gleaming white mountain peaks, arouses a feeling of happiness within me. “It’s so beautiful here“, I think to myself and stop for a moment to savour the view.

Conquering the peak

I always particularly enjoy the last steps up to the peak cross! Why? On the one hand because I’ve reached my destination with lots of tiny steps and on the other hand because the mountains give me a sense of freedom. In the mountains it feels as though all your worries remain in the valley and you can relax and unwind.

Many years of observing other mountain hikers confirms that I’m not the only one who feels this way. In the mountains everyone is as “happy as Larry“. :) According to the motto:

“People who climb mountains reflect sunlight, whilst those in the valley don’t understand their language“

Therefore, I wish that you can put one step in front of the other and reach your goals that way this new year. And if things aren’t going in the right direction, leave your worries down in the valley and head for the mountains. Happy New Year to you all - onwards and upwards :)

Tips and infos:Tip: If there’s too much snow in the forest, you can also head up to the Lackenalmen along a forest road or you put on your snowshoes and head up on a snowshoe tour.Be sure to try the “Buchteln“ at the Sattelbauer – a dream :)Fancy tobogganing? No problem, there’s a floodlit toboggan run from Sattelbauer down into the valley.

Photo Credits: Katja Eggenhofer