Slow Hiking: Enjoy & Recharge on the Gamskogel

We live in a highly technological and fast-paced world, constantly bombarded by countless sensory stimuli. However, our bodies are still optimized for survival in the Stone Age, emphasizing movement and a natural environment. Therefore, hiking in the tranquil and unspoilt world of mountains, forests, and alpine meadows is particularly beneficial for us.

Why hiking is so beneficial

Hiking has several positive effects on the body, mind, and soul: an endless mountain panorama, clear mountain air scented with herbs, and the silence only broken by the soft buzzing of bees and cowbells are soothing for our overstimulated senses. The steady movement on natural paths and varying altitudes act as a booster for our cardiovascular system, reduce stress, and train our muscles, joints, and balance.

Gliding up the mountain with the wind in your hair

Slow hiking means conserving your energy while enjoying nature. You can achieve both at once by travelling up the mountain in comfort. The Gamskogel chairlift, operating daily until September 11th (except in rainy weather), takes you up to the Gamskogel.During the open-air ride, you might even have the luck to observe wildlife such as deer, rabbits, and marmots from a bird's eye view, setting the tone for your hike with breathtaking panoramas. At the mountain station at 1,900 meters above sea level, you can start your further mountain experiences in a relaxed manner.

Enjoy the sunrise and mountain delicacies

In summer, the early morning is the best time to start your hike in pleasant temperatures and enjoy all the mountain experiences around the Gamskogel. Special experiences await early birds and those who aspire to become one:

  • Early morning chairlift ride: every Saturday in August, the Gamskogel Chairlift starts operation at 7:30 am to take you up Gamskogel. There, you can fortify yourself with a hearty mountain breakfast at the Gamskogelhütte and savour great regional produce: bread, eggs, meat, and dairy products from farms around Zauchensee. In the event of rain, the Gamskogel Chairlift and the Gamskogelhütte remain closed.
  • Sunrise ride on the Gamskogel Chairlift: on Sunday, August 20th, waking up early pays off! Starting from 5:15 am, the Gamskogel Chairlift takes you up to 1,900 meters above sea level. There, you'll find a crackling campfire, atmospheric alpine music, and a peaceful spot to observe the sunrise over the mountains. The unique interplay of colours as the sun emerges over the peaks is an unforgettable experience that will send shivers down your spine! Afterwards, a mountain breakfast at the Gamskogelhütte awaits you, allowing you to continue relishing your mountain experience.


Asanas by the lake

Have you ever tried practicing yoga in the great outdoors? This is a special experience you can best enjoy in Zauchensee with "Yoga on the Mountain"! Every Wednesday, at an altitude of 2,000 meters, you can unroll your yoga mat amidst green alpine meadows and the shimmering blue Seekarsee mountain lake.Whether you're an enthusiast, beginner, or advanced practitioner, all are invited to join this wellbeing session led by our yogini, Carina. While practicing the asanas and breathing exercises, you'll be accompanied by distant whistles from marmots and the delicate scent of alpine flowers. Stress and everyday troubles will vanish in no time!After the yoga session, you can leisurely stroll to the Gamskogelhütte, where a vitalizing snack awaits. If you wish to extend your relaxation, you can also take the short journey on the Zauchi tractor train.

Relax and recharge at Seekarsee Lake

A trip to the Seekarsee Lake is perfect when you want to take it easy. In a relaxed 20-minute walk from the Gamskogel Chairlift mountain station, you'll reach the shimmering blue power oasis at 2,000 meters above sea level. The path is stroller-friendly and suitable for mountain enthusiasts with tired legs. There's a footpath around the lake with various activity stations, relaxation loungers, hammocks, and sunbeds.You can reach the Seekarsee Lake even more conveniently on the Zauchi tractor train, which operates daily during the summer holidays in dry weather, traveling from the Gamskogelhütte to the Seekarsee Lake and back. Along the route, you might be lucky enough to observe marmots, which are often not so shy, scurrying across the green alpine meadows.

Doesn't that sound wonderfully relaxing? See you soon in the hiking paradise of Zauchensee!
photo credits: Bergbahnen Zauchensee