Sliding, climbing and lots of fun with the Crazy Dolls

My niece loves the “Crazy Dolls” on the Shuttleberg. All summer long she talks about how "cool" they are and how she wants to see them again. Great! Then she’ll love this surprise.
It's already autumn in Kleinarl. Somehow the ideal time for hiking. As now it's not so hot and the hikes aren't too difficult. I pick her up in the morning and we drive to Kleinarl together. "We're going on the Champion Shuttle?" she asks excitedly. Yes, because it's open for the first time this summer, and thank goodness she hadn't heard of it before. The adventure begins at the valley station of the Champion Shuttle. We take the chairlift up. Until now, my niece only knew how to take the lift in winter and then, of course, with skis.

Wobbling on the low rope course

From the mountain station, things really get going. The circular trail is 2.5 km long, but the kids don't notice the distance. Because they run up and whizz down again on the slides. And again! Halfway up the trail, we stop for refreshment at the new organic Lumberjack Mountain restaurant. The concept here is quite unique: fresh vegetables and fresh herbs come from their own garden, the processed food is organic and regional, the food hall is worth seeing. But the children have no eyes for that, they ride on the go-karts, slide and play outside. It didn't matter that the sun wasn't shining. But you'll hear more about this great restaurant later ??

We take the hiking trail back through the forest. As of this summer 2021, there has been a low-ropes and climbing area there. I'm telling you, what looks so easy for the children is not so easy. The ropes wobble and the tyres tip upwards. How exactly do the children manage to simply climb through these obstacles?

Oh yes, I almost forgot the most important thing for my niece:  The Crazy Dolls. In total, we passed 10 Crazy Dolls. We punched holes at all 10 stations and the children got a surprise at the end. My personal favourite Crazy Doll along the Family Run Summer Edition is the Fluffy Lampi, my niece thinks they are all so "cool" and they made her summer. Which is your favourite Crazy Doll? Tell us in the comments.
  • The opening times for the Champion Shuttle and the Family Run Summer Edition you will find here.
  • The circular walk is also suitable for pushchairs.
  • Bikes can be transported on the Champion Shuttle Lift.
photo credits: Ewelina Herzog