Skiing with children in Filzmoos

Born and bred in Filzmoos, I learned to ski at an early age. According to the motto of: “Not even able to walk properly and already on skis”, I made my first attempts on a small hill next door at the tender age of 2 years old. My first skis were a gift from St. Nicholas. Ski lessons at Kindergarten plus intermediate lessons at primary school and soon I was a member of the Filzmoos Ski Club. As I wasn’t really that ambitious, I never made to it ski racer. Yet, as back then, I’m still a passionate skier and love whizzing down the slopes. In my teenage years, I helped out as ski instructor in the school holidays, teaching the kiddies to ski in Kinderland. It was always moving, to witness the process of how quickly the little ones made progress and how proud they were when they were allowed on the “big slope” and could show off to their parents what they’d learned.   This year my cousin’s daughter Isabell is learning to ski and as former ski instructor I’d love to be a part of it. She has already completed one set of ski lessons, but at the age of 3 she was very young and wasn’t really that keen. Ski school really only makes sense at an age of 4 years and over.

Getting to know - playing in the snow - first steps

Ski lessons are booked in resort, at the ski school office. However, it’s also possible to book online in advance. The ski schools and their offices are all located in the resort centre of Filzmoos.Youngsters start off in “Bambini Land“, where children aged 3 and 4 years playfully come into contact with snow and are gently taught the basics of skiing.Primarily, they need to get a feel for the ski equipment. First the right ski, then the left ski. They then click into both skis and have fun on the baby slope. Isabell lands in the snow a few times during her first attempts. But she improves. As learning to ski can be very tiring in the beginning, each child can take part as little or as much as he/she wants.On the 12 m long magic carpet conveyor belt lift and 2 descents Isabell has learns to stop and makes her first turns. To add to the fun of learning to ski, there’s plenty going on. Clown “Lupino“ entertains the children with tricks at his magic show. Plus the ski school mascot “Bobo“ pays the children a visit. After an exciting and refreshing break the children carry on learning to ski.

My cousin and I stand at the finishing line and cheer the little racer like crazy. She finishes a great race and everyone applauds. Relieved, yet proud she makes her way towards us. The award ceremony takes place right after the race, the ski school boss is already on the stage with his microphone, ready to call out the race participants. “A big round of applause for 3rd place, which goes to Austria - to Isabell!“ we hear through the microphone. Her eyes sparking with joy, she strides up to the podium. Together with the mascot and – as she already confided in us – her favourite ski instructor Sophie, the medals and certificates are presented. There are big cheers for all the racers and a loud chant of “Zicky Zacky, Zicky Zacky Hoi, Hoi, Hoi“, before they say their goodbyes.It was a great experience and a wonderful week at the ski school in Filzmoos. It won’t be long now until Isabell’s whizzing down the big slopes too.

Learning to ski with fun and ease

Isabell seems to be naturally talented, as the following day already, she has been promoted to a higher group. Ready to go, she heads to the “Iceberg-Express“, where she learns to make her first connecting turns. The little one jumps over little bridges and waves to train her balance too. Full of enthusiasm, I observe how much fun my cousin’s daughter is having whilst skiing. The following day, she’s headed for the top of the Bögrain drag lift. Here a long descent with gates, obstacles, schuss run and even a small jump await Isabell. At home there’s no other topic of conversation and during the lunch break she can also hardly sit still. In the afternoon it’s time for the end of course race – the highlight of the ski school week. Nervously, she stands at the start gate. And off she goes – the ski instructor gives her a little helping shove, so she gets up a bit of speed.

Small but beautiful - that´s Filzmoos!

The compact ski area of Filzmoos offers wide slopes and safe skiing for children and beginners. The ski area is no connected to other big areas and all slopes lead down to the valley. That makes the Filzmoos ski area perfect for families and all those who prefer a gentler kind of ski holiday.

3 ski schools - competent, flexible and in the resort centre

With fun, empathy and in different languages, the Filzmoos ski instructors convey their knowledge and expertise. For the little ones there are lots of little extras when they are in ski lessons, such as Clown Lupino, the ski school mascot, end of week races, award ceremony with kids’ disco etc.Lunchtime supervision is also available for the whole week or for individual days. This should be booked by 11.00 am at the latest on the required day. Thus, parents can enjoy a day’s skiing in Filzmoos, whilst the little ones are well taken care of.Yet, ski school is not just of interest to beginners, but also good for improving your technique or brushing up your skills when returning to skiing.

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Photo credits: Sabrina Reisenberger