Salzburger Start-up fairStä - Regional, plastic-free gift ideas for the home

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fairStä Hmm, what is that? Yes, that's exactly what I thought last winter! It's been a while since I've been active here on the BlogHütte, which is partly due to the fact that in autumn 2020 my path led me towards university - and now also to the St. Johann start-up fairStä

Since there are already a few traders ( from the Salzburger Sportwelt on our platform and I believe that a little (regional and plastic-free) holiday at home can never hurt, I thought I would take you behind the scenes of fairStä today in a joint interview with Manuel - my boss, initiator and co-founder of the company.

What is fairStä and how did it come about?

Manuel Toferer: "fairStä is the first completely plastic-free online marketplace in Austria, which gives traders the opportunity to digitalise their products simply and easily and to market them online.It is particularly important to us to offer each and every producer a platform. Through personal contact with our traders and the possibility for them to set up their various shops individually, we want to make online shopping as personal as possible despite digitality.Our long-term goal is to bring the numerous unique and everyday products that exist in Austria to the forefront, to bundle them and thus to boost regional and plastic-free consumption throughout the country.

Manuel Toferer, initiator and founder fairStä
It all started in 2019 - in my childhood bedroom. My dream has always been to change something, to put it on its feet. At the time, I was still employed as a carpenter and watched documentaries about our plastic problem several times. Even then it bothered me. I finally resolved to act more sustainably. The possibilities are there. Unfortunately, sustainability in everyday life often turned out to be a bit of a hassle. Because I was often too lazy to change my habits, I came up with the idea of what would happen if there were a place where everything was already prefabricated for me as a consumer and also for producers. In March 2021, together with three colleagues, I launched fairStä - a place where convenience no longer wins!

How can online shopping be "sustainable"?

Manuel Toferer: "When shipping our products, we cooperate exclusively with the Austrian Postal Service. As part of the "CO2 NEUTRAL DELIVERY initiative, they deliver all shipments within Austria in a CO2-neutral manner.Furthermore, we have already started to organise plastic-free packaging alternatives. Dealers can easily obtain this from us via their own dealer portal. Our products are therefore 100% plastic-free from the shell to the core."Info: Since fairStä is a regional and sustainable marketplace, products can (currently) only be ordered in Austria and delivered in a CO2-neutral manner.

From left to right. The founder team: Stefan Schaidreiter, Johannes Heigl, Manuel Toferer, Daniel Schneider

What is special about it compared to other portals?

Manuel Toferer: "What sets us apart from other providers on the market is that we offer personal, direct customer service in addition to the shop - both for producers and consumers. We remain true to our values: At fairStä, the platform as such is not in the foreground, but the community and the individuality of all traders.

What products can I find on fairStä

Manuel Toferer: "At the moment, 12 traders are already running their own online shops on our site, and the current range is already diverse: from decorative items, alpaca wool blankets, food, clothing, wood crafts to self-sewn breastfeeding pillows, there is already quite a bit of everyday help and gift ideas for birthdays, weddings or Christmas!"

Do these faces from Salzburger Sportwelt look familiar? The Alpaka-Alm Kitzsteingut from Wagrain-Kleinarl and the Bergspitzenbrennerei from St. Johann in Salzburg are also on fairStä with their products!You can find more information about the businesses - and possibly a visit to the Salzburger Sportwelt next time - at the respective shops: Alpaka-Alm Kitzsteingut (, go to (

What does the future of fairStä look like?

Manuel Toferer: "What one person can't do, many can: As a service provider, we not only want to make a contribution to end consumers, but also provide an incentive for producers to become more sustainable. Together with them, we are working on finding plastic-free alternatives and gradually coming closer to our goal of modernising and normalising plastic-free shopping in Austria. True to the motto: "WE for you - YOU for our environment!"There is nothing else for me to say, except: Have fun with your piece of holiday for home!

Go to online marketplace: fairStä on Instagram: You would like to become a dealer? Get in touch with us! Go to dealer application: fairStärkt GmbH fairStärkt GmbH Industriestrasse 10 5600 St. Johann im Pongau Mail: Telephone: 0681/206 831 53
photo credits: fairStärkt GmbH, Elisabeth Toferer, Alpaka-Alm Kitzsteingut, Bergspitzenbrennerei, Stephanie Rettenegger