Safe and lots of fun – where kids can whizz down the slopes!

If children can walk, they can also ski. An ancient piece of ski instructor’s wisdom, which certainly held true in our family. Each one of us children stood on skis at the age of two and made our first, albeit tentative tracks in the snow. And this year it’s my two year-old second cousin’s turn to learn to ski. For me as former ski instructor one thing’s clear: safety and lots of fun are essential for a perfect introduction to skiing for children. So I start off with enthusiastic tales of colourful animals accompanying us on the piste.“Is there a bunny rabbit too?”, little Sebastian asks enthusiastically, whilst we try on the ski equipment in the living room. After I tell him that the bunny also has all his friends from the forest with him, the skier-to-be can’t wait to jump into the car and we’re on our way.

Talking animals on the children`s ski mountain

So we head off to Eben to the monte popolo ski area, and we’re looking forward to seeing what’s on offer. We travel up on both chairlifts to the very top, the chairs on the Popolo 2 are even equipped with weather hoods and children’s safety bars. From the chairlift we can already see the “Kinderland“ with its many figures and the fun park. Arriving at the mountain station, little Sebastian can’t get enough. “Look…over there… the bunny! And there’s a deer and there’s a bear!”, chats Sebastian excitedly and he walks happily up and down the adventure forest slope on his skis. That’s exactly how I like it to be: he forgets to concentrate on his skiing and automatically makes the first steps on the glistening snow. Without even noticing he skis a few metres and then does a few steps alone.

Sebastian was really surprised that the forest animals talk, he jumped for joy a few times – and slowly but surely he’s getting the feel for his skis. Sebastian can happily learn to ski here on the monte popolo in Eben. It’s the ideal place for children to learn playfully, safely and with lots of fun. He’ll soon be whizzing down the big slopes!
I can certainly see why the monte popolo has been awarded the title of family ski area – cheap family ski passes and great ski huts too. And I myself can lean back and watch the children’s eyes light up, tell a few stories and get comfy with jolly Theresa in the mascot Monti’s igloo. The children’s ski mountain is not just fun for kids – adults can also be big kids again here.

Tips and Info: 

  • Before the children ski on the children’s mountain, they should practice first in the snow in the Kinderland next to the valley lift station. Above all they should be able to slow down and stop by themselves before they head up the mountain
  • Here you can find more about the monte popolo


Photo credits: Eva-Maria Nagl, TVB Eben