Run into spring

The days are slowly getting longer again, the sun is shining down from the sky and spring is in the air. After struggling with our inner couch potato during the last few months, we are now more and more drawn to the outdoors and the desire to move is increasing. Running is healthy! It strengthens the immune system, promotes blood circulation and keeps a clear head. Reason enough to lace up our sports shoes and just go for a run. With this motivation, my best friend Lukas and I slipped into our running shoes this morning and enjoyed the clear air and managed to catch the first rays of sunshine.
Starting in the centre of Flachau, our route today leads along the Enns Cycle Path, past the sports field and on the old road of Flachau up a slight hill, back to the starting point.
The tour includes easy climbs, and we get a magnificent view of Flachau and the surrounding area. This is the perfect first round for the coming running season! And now – we‘re back on track!

So that you don`t lose motivation again right away, I have a few tips for beginners to running:

# 1. The right pace

In the beginning, it is not important to run fast. It's much more about the exercise. It's no use getting out of breath after a few hundred metres and dragging yourself home listlessly. It certainly won't give you fresh motivation. A slightly faster walking pace is perfectly adequate for the body at the beginning.

# 2. Set goals

Set yourself small milestones. It feels really good to achieve goals you set yourself, because you can celebrate your success and be proud of yourself!

# 3. Run with others

Mutual motivation spurs you on and it is simply a helpful feeling when you know that "your people" are waiting for you at the meeting point on Saturday morning. This way you can get out of bed even if it’s raining or the weather’s not so good.

# 4. Vary your running route

Try to find a new running route more often. Running will become much easier. Discover the nature around you. Collect new impressions in the forest, in the park or in the city, so you don't get bored, and clear your head whilst running.

# 5. Just do it!

But the most important thing doing it. Get yourself together, put on your running clothes, because after the run you always feel better than before. Don't let the thousands of tips out there drive you crazy. Listen to your body because it tells you what's good for you and what's not. Just get running and you're already halfway there!

# 6. And last but not least

Keep in mind the health benefits of running. You can already increase your fitness for the summer season. No matter what your initial motivation was to start running, the sport will do your body and soul good and give you an extra dose of quality of life!

Beautiful forest paths and signposted running routes in and around Flachau invite you to enjoy the magnificent landscape with all its beauty whilst running. The scent of spring, the first colourful flowers along the way or the silence of the forest will make you feel good despite all the exertion.
photo credits: Gerald Oberreiter - Flachau Tourismus