Recipe Sweet Easter Ring

The days are getting longer, the birds are singing merrily, and the first heralds of spring announce the sunny season. These are the signs for us that Easter is just around the corner, and the kitchen is once again filled with the scent of sweet treats. Today the sweet Easter ring is on our programme. This yeast dough recipe can not only be used for a ring, but for lots of other tasty Easter baked dishes such as e.g. the Easter plaited bun too. I find preparation the most important thing when baking. To start off with, I like to lay everything out on the work surface to ensure that I have all the necessary ingredients at home, but also to avoid any unnecessary stress during baking. So, let’s get cracking!


Firstly, heat the milk a little. The lukewarm milk enables the yeast to develop better later.

Mix the milk with the egg and add the flour. Don’t mix at this stage.

Crumble the yeast directly over the flour.

Finally add the sugar, salt and soft butter.

With all the ingredients in the bowl, you can start to prepare the dough. I have quite “old-fashioned“ methods, as I (still) refuse to use modern kitchen equipment 😊.

So, to start with I use two dough hooks to mix the ingredients. Then I work the dough with my hands to the finished sweet yeast dough.

It’s very important at this stage to take care, that the butter and the yeast are well mixed with all the other ingredients.

And then it’s time… to rest! The dough should be covered and left to rise for approx. 30 minutes before being made into small rings.

So, the waiting time is over and our dough has risen beautifully.

Now I form two balls of equal size, I always weigh the balls to ensure that I have the correct size. Each of my balls now weigh 130g.

By rolling, make three long strands from each ball which are then plaited.

I brush both ends of the plait with egg, so that everything sticks. Then the two ends are pressed together to form a lovely ring.

Finally, brush the whole ring with egg and don’t forget to sprinkle lots of decorating sugar on the top.

Into the oven with the rings! At a temperature of 170° hot air the rings need approx. 20 mins. until they’re baked golden brown.
I like to place the ring in a basket with an Easter egg or and Easter bunny. Thus, you have a great home-made Easter nest to gift.

Have fun baking and happy Easter!

Photo credits: Stefanie Mayr