Power spots with tree personalities in Filzmoos

Whether you believe in power spots or not – a power spot hike in Filzmoos is always an unforgettable experience, leading over idyllic alpine pasture, through mystic forests and to legendary places. And hugging a tree has never hurt anyone.

Those starting off on a power spot hike in Filzmoos will discover magical places and real tree personalities. There are a total of 17 power spots in all – an astonishingly high number for such a small resort as Filzmoos. Geomants measure special vibes at certain power spots and sensitive people can feel this energy too. In Filzmoos you can explore these power spots on your own or accompanied by  specially trained power spot guides.
The small “Circle of Trees“ at the Neubergerhof is a wonderfully beautiful trance spot, which is ideal for meditation and is supposed to be particularly healing for your emotions.  It’s certainly very picturesque!

An ancient legend about a lindworm and a “golden carriage“ surrounds the Schwarze Lacke (Black Pool). Those sitting at the edge of this deep-black moor pond feel complete peace.

Local and guests have been meeting up for generations beneath the 300 year old “Maple Tree at the Bögrainhof“. The protective treetop acts as an energy field on humans.

Tips & Info: HERE you get more information about the power spots in Filzmoos

Photo Credits: Coen Weesjes