OUR MOST BEAUTIFUL AUTUMN MOMENTS - the golden season in Filzmoos

DISCOVER GOLDEN AUTUMN WHILST HIKING IN FILZMOOS IN SALZBURGERLAND My heart warms up when I think of autumn. I just love this time of year so much. Most people mourn the summer, but I love it when the summer hustle and bustle is over and the mountain village has a little peace and quiet. For me, every season has its charm, but autumn has something very special for me. The clear air and the pleasant temperatures, the colouring of the first leaves and the mountains seem so close you could touch them - simply a dream! Together with my colleagues, we talked about the best autumn hiking moments and in this article, I would like to tell you why hiking is so recommendable, especially in autumn.


One of my most beautiful autumn moments was the hike up Rossbrand and the sunrise at the summit of Rossbrand.Already at 4:00 am my alarm clock rings. Although it is still pitch dark and I am still very tired, I get out of bed. I'm an early riser, but it wasn't so easy to get out of bed today. Luckily I packed my rucksack the day before. But now I have to hurry, because we calculated the hike up the Rossbrand to take about 2 hours. Equipped with a headlamp, I start the tour to the Rossbrand with my friend Angie via the Dr. März Weg (42A). We start at the Filzmoos adventure portal (post office car park opposite the petrol station), where there is also public parking. We hike along the road in the direction of Eben. Opposite the Großbergbahn cable car, we take the road up to the left until we come to four apartment blocks. After the second block of flats, we turn left (there is a pasture gate) and immediately take the forest road uphill to the left again. The Dr. März Weg branches off to the right in the first bend and leads steadily uphill, mostly through high forest, to the ridge of the Rossbrand. We are immediately wide awake, as the path through the forest is really steep and demands a lot from us. The trail repeatedly crosses a forest road, because you can also get up to the Rossbrand via forest road 41B.In the last section of the ascent, the path turns moderately uphill to the right and leads directly to the high trail, which takes us to the right to the summit cross of the Rossbrand. After about 2 hours, we happily arrive at the summit cross and are already warmed by the first rays of sunshine that wander over the mountain peaks. The sun's rays bathe the landscape in a soft light. A sunrise in the mountains is simply a magical experience. The Rossbrand is known as one of the most beautiful view mountains in our area - a true spectacle of nature to boot on this morning.

The colours of the golden autumn, the soothing silence at the summit and the breathtaking view of over 150 prominent mountain peaks make us feel calm. Time to reflect, slow down and recharge our batteries - we manage to do all that this morning. Now we are only one thing - hungry. :) We spread out our blanket right in front of the summit cross, with a view of the queen of the mountains, the Bischofsmütze, and enjoy our sunrise breakfast. Kitschy romantic, I tell you! ;)A little later, at the Radstädter Hütte, we treat ourselves to a hot coffee and a Kaiserschmarren before returning to the valley via Alpine Club Trail No. 462 over the Karalm.  It was definitely worth getting up so early and we are overjoyed about this great autumn hiking experience.

Culinary hut hike - alpine breakfast at the Krahlehenhütte

ENJOY is written in capital letters in the mountain village, especially in autumn.One of our other highlights in the golden autumn is the hike to the Sulzenalm. Many alpine pastures and huts are still open for guests and spoil you with regional delicacies high up in the mountains.Together with my colleagues, we decided on a mountain breakfast at the Krahlehnenhütte.We set off at 8:00 in the morning in cloudless autumn weather. We take our own car to the Rettensteinhütte (not staffed in summer). It is still fresh this morning, but it doesn't take long and the first rays of sun warm us.We hike along the road to the Ahornegghof farm. A little way behind the farm we pass through a gate and continue along the forest path through the forest until we reach a clearing. We stay on the Alpine Club trail no. 638 in the direction of Sulzenalm. The trail then leads somewhat steeper uphill until we reach an open alpine pasture. We follow the path that rises on the right through a small forest, further across the alpine pasture until we see the Mandlingalm on the left. This is followed by a very wet area where we have to stop briefly. A loud laughter can suddenly be heard behind my back, which must have been heard all the way to the hut. My colleague's shoe got stuck in the swamp and we had some trouble getting it out again. After we have calmed down a bit, laughing so much, we set off for the Krahlehen hut.

Once we arrive at the hut, we have to clean our shoes :). Immediately afterwards we fortify ourselves with an extensive and delicious alpine breakfast. Fresh pastries, farmhouse bread, a selection of sausages and cheeses as well as homemade jams are ready for us. A hot coffee makes this delicious alpine breakfast perfect. Finally, there is a berry pancake as a "dessert", so to speak. I'm telling you - it's definitely worth getting up a little earlier for this breakfast. A great breakfast, a cosy hut, the fantastic view of the Gosaukamm with its Bischofsmütze and this great autumn weather - a hiking day to my taste!If you would like to enjoy an "Almfrühsück" at the Krahlehenhütte, please make sure to book in advance by calling +43 (0) 664 53 32 146.

A leisurely autumn walk in the village of Filzmoos

You don't always have to go high up to collect the most beautiful autumn moments. Even in the mountain village you can experience autumn with all your senses, diverse colours and facets.I, for example, love to walk along the Herzerlweg, where many colourfully painted hearts line the path. Especially in autumn, it is a special experience when Filzmoos glows in vibrant autumnal hues. The 300-year-old maple tree with its bright golden colours is particularly appealing to me. Just pause and enjoy the moment - while sitting in a circle of armchairs or on a bench right next to the maple tree, I enjoy the seemingly endless distant view - it is simply good for the soul.

Hike to Hofalm and on to the Hofpürglhütte

The Hofalm area is also colourful. In summer, the alpine pastures and huts are often crowded with visitors. As the first leaves change colour, the heated mood of summer slowly but surely subsides and peace returns to the mountain village. From Filzmoos, the nature and hiking trail leads about 6 km to the Hofalmen. A breathtaking play of colours in the forests and a boundless view - the Hofalmen offer the perfect starting point for hikes and climbing tours.If you don't like walking, you can also take the hiking bus from Filzmoos to an alpine hut in comfort. Or how about a horse-drawn carriage ride? This is another way to enjoy the golden autumn in the mountains and the last warm rays of sunshine.

Mystical rain hike in Filzmoos - when the weather doesn`t cooperate

Fresh air is good for you, especially fresh air on a rainy day! And as we all know, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes ;).One of my favourite tours on a rainy day is the hike to Mandlberggut. It takes about 1.5 hours to hike along the Mandling high trail to the Mandlberggut.We start again at the adventure portal in Filzmoos and walk towards the roundabout and on towards Ramsau. Opposite the Aumühle mill, a narrow path leads along the warm Mandling. Before the road rises into the Hachau, we branch off to the right and follow the gravel road next to the "warm Mandling", go right over the bridge and follow the fort road towards the reservoir for a short distance. Then we take the somewhat steep path up and then the second forest road junction on the left. This is the high trail towards Mandling and Mandlberggut.

The leisurely hike to Mandlberggut with a walking time of about 1.5 hours is perfect even on a rainy day. Arrived at the Mandlberggut, we reward ourselves for the first time with a homemade Black Forest gateau, one of the delicacies of boss Doris. After a stop at the Mandlberg café, our daughters Katharina and Theresa take us on a guided tour of the Dachstein distillery, where we learn about the production of natural products from local plants and fruits. The Mandlberggut is the only distillery in Austria that combines two distilleries, the Dachstein Distillery (whisky and schnapps distillery) and the pine and stone pine distillery. Of course, we also taste a few schnapps and liqueurs during the tour. In the shop next door we can buy the schnapps as well as creams, chocolate and many other great natural products. We return to Filzmoos in a cheerful and slightly tipsy mood.

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photo credits: CoenWeesjes, Sabrina Reisenberger