Not the romantic type? Then read no further

Say “I do“ in a fairytale location at Schloss Höch
Not only hopeless romantics succumb to the charm of the over 800-year-old Renaissance castle, which sits contemplatively embedded in meadows and forests on a hill about 100 m above Reitdorf. It is hard to resist the charm of the old, historic walls. It is a place for special moments - a place that one likes to remember, as if made for the decisive "I do" to your loved one.
It's a glorious autumn day and the sun makes Schloss Höch really shine. I walk through the old wooden gate into the castle courtyard accompanied by a bride-to-be. Our mission: location check! The decision to make Schloss Höch the venue for this civil wedding has already been made, but now the details still need to be planned. What decorations are required, where could great wedding pictures be taken, where should the champagne reception take place, ...
We stride up the steps to the entrance portal - yes, we stride, because simply walking would not do justice to this ambience. Suddenly we both turn around and we agree - the view of the autumnal landscape and the idyllic almost wildly romantic garden with stone walls, trees with colourful foliage, castle walls and steps is the perfect backdrop to capture the memories of this memorable day for the bride and groom, their family and friends.
Almost in awe, we enter the interior of the castle and are already eager to see the "Jocher Salon", where the aforementioned wedding ceremony is to take place. The friendly registrar recommended it to us for the 35 invited guests. If the wedding had been planned with more guests, the bride and groom would have had the option to switch to the "Platz Foyer" or the event hall on the 2nd floor.
We are blown away by the flair that Schloss Höch can offer and after planning the details for the very special day, the bride is overjoyed and full of anticipation. And I can tell you that the wedding day exceeded all expectations, as you can see from the photos.

Schloss Höch is a great location for civil weddings. A champagne reception is possible, but please plan the subsequent wedding reception with wedding banquet in another location.The "Jocher Salon" is ideal for weddings with guests of up to 35 people. For larger wedding parties up to a maximum of 150 people, either the "Platz Foyer" or the event hall are available. Please make appointments at the registry office in Flachau, Tel. 0043 6457/2250, where a total of three registrars are on hand to help in with the preparations and are very happy to marry wedding couples.The wedding season at Schloss Höch is from the beginning of May to the end of October.By the way, Schloss Höch hosts a series of top-class cultural events. You can find all the information at

Photos: Hermann Hartl, Verena Buchsteiner, Gemeinde Flachau

Thanks to Rosi and Wilfried for letting us use your wedding pictures :).