naturesa "Xund & fit" with Theresa

Have you ever wondered what the spruce tree has to say? What the forest sounds like? Why the dandelion hangs its head when it rains? No? Then listen more carefully next time. It's very easy to do so during a hiking experience during a nature workshop with our beloved Naturesa. She will enchant you with knowledge about herbs, plants and trees while you walk.

Theresa Sommerbichler is a mountain hiking guide, herbal medicine practitioner, wellness trainer, herbal pedagogue and forest and health trainer. And a tourism expert.But she swapped her desk for the forest. Why?Because she felt how nature helped her after a stroke of fate. She wants to pass on this well-being and share it with you:You can hike with her every Monday to the summit of the Hochglocker: marvel at the surrounding mountains - all giants. In contrast, you discover the finest grasses on the lush meadow. You might find goutweed, groundsel or daisies. You hear the breath of the trees and the gentle breeze that caresses the meadow. Feel comfortably surrounded by the green giants of the forest.Yes, Theresa tells you a lot about nature treasures. And how you can use them at home. By the way:Naturesa is the combination of nature and Theresa - a symbiosis. Something that belongs together.

Nature`s pharmacy and herbal snack

Just knowing the flowers is not enough. Naturesa takes you into the secrets of processing herbs in the nature’s pharmacy. Some unfold in oil, others in water, alcohol, milk or vinegar. Many plants bring benefits - with Theresa's insights, you can explore them.Collecting also hides some secrets: The right time, the right amount, the right equipment. Only when you look at the plant holistically will it demonstrate its powers.

The forest: a place of gratitude for Naturesa

The green giants make you look inward - do you see it?The silence in the forest whispers - do you hear it?The moss-enriched air calms - do you feel it?In the forest it's about letting yourself go. About being a child. Then your eyes discover the previously unseen. Your ears listen to the previously unheard. You feel as if you have been reborn.For Naturesa, the forest means gratitude above all. She relaxes and finds her creativity boost at the same time. The best part:You can experience it. Just let yourself open up!

The fine finale: herbal snack

Meadow, forest and hiking make you hungry. That's why Naturesa treats you to a herbal snack when you reach the top. Just thinking about the delicious spruce needle butter, the fine herb curd and the fragrant bread makes my mouth water as I write. I'd like to swap my desk for the sun, my laptop for hiking boots and my mobile phone for forest signals.You can also book Naturesa individually. She takes you on herb walks, bathes with you in the forest or looks at your garden. And explains what you can do with your plants.

PS: Jo Salzburg's “Xund und Fit” programme offers even more treats - from Sunday to Friday. Find out more here.

Meeting point: Mondays at 9.00 am at the car park of the Alpendorf Cable Car.

Duration: approx. 6 hours - until 3.00 pm (longer with stop :))
Approx. 700 metres elevation gain. In addition to wet weather gear, drinks, and good spirits, pack a medium to good level of fitness in your rucksack.You can find all further information here.

photo credits: Christoph Oberschneider