Market day under the lime tree in Wagrain-Kleinarl

Mmmh. Delicious. When I stroll through the small but fine market on the market square in Wagrain, I don't know what to buy. The smell on the left of home-smoked bacon and fresh bread from the Kurzeggalm is simply wonderful, and on the right I see cuddly alpaca socks from the Kitzsteingut. Where do I start?

The agony of choice

Spicy cheese or rather fresh oil cheese? I just can't decide. It doesn't matter, the market day only takes place once a month anyway - I can go for it. So, my shopping bag fills up. I also discovered the delicious beef jelly and the delicious smoked fish from Mr Langegger. Oh, and there's a Biobert (Camembert) and a Bioberta (soft cheese matured in red culture). I'll also take some quail’s eggs and colourful tea. It’ll make a tasty snack at home and I'll also put some delicacies in the fridge for work.

Since I also want to do something for my beauty, I can't walk past the homemade creams from Frau Hochleitner with ingredients from the region. And I’ll also take a little beauty for the inside, in the form of a few high-proof schnapps - that certainly can't hurt. Okay, that's it. But this cuddly alpaca was a must-have for my shopping bag. I'm sure I'll find a nice place for it at home.

Organic and regional

Do you know what I like most about this market? The food comes mainly from the region and most of it is organic. You can see the variety of products we have in the region and how much love the farmers and producers put into producing the food. Bio from the Valley:

This way I can shop with a clear conscience. It's nice to be able to chat for a bit with the producers, keep up with what going on and discover new products. Sometimes you forget that when you're rushing through the supermarket and shopping has to be done in no time. And home-made food tastes better anyway. But I'm sure you know that.

Facts & figures

Market day under the lime tree in Wagrain takes place on the first Thursday of every month in summer from 9.00 am to 12.00 pm.

Photo credits: Armin Walcher