Looking forward to summer – the Tappenkarsee Lake tells its story

The warm rays of sunshine really do me good. Slowly but surely, I can once again see through the covering of snow and ice. I vigorously grab some fresh mountain air and stretch. I’m telling you, winter hibernation is just great J. At some point, end of November, beginning of December – I don’t know when exactly – I left the summer behind me and withdrew. I hid myself beneath the fluffy snow and the cold gave me a protective layer of ice. Then there was just me and the lindworm... But no worries, we both enjoyed the peace and quiet.

Once again, a ray of sunshine tickles me. Now it’s time for me to finally open my eyes. I let the warmth slowly into my 48 m deep water. It takes a while until I’m totally warmed up, after all, I’m approx. 1.14 km long and at my widest point I measure approx. 360 m. The sun’s got plenty of work to do. (Haha, and no. Even in summer I’m quite a fresh fellow. Only the totally crazy swim dare to swim in my water). But my temperature and above all my excellent water quality are for my inhabitants – the fish – just right. Even the Salzburg Archbishops had their tasty fish transported from Kleinarl to Salzburg.

Fresh blueberry pancake dish, constant tickling & exhausting waves

Mmmm, I’m really looking forward to the aroma of fresh blueberry schmarrn (chopped pancake dish) that wafts over from the Tappenkarseehütte. And the smell of freshly-baked bread from theTappenkarseealm. Then I’d happily swap and become a person. But at least I get enough fresh mountain water. But I would gladly swap with beer and butter milk.

I’m also looking forward to the blooming meadows – particularly the shiny-pink alpine roses. They’re so beautiful to look at against the green of the lush meadows, the grey of the rugged rockfaces, the white of the far away snow and the blue heavens.
Have you ever heard the ringing of cowbells? No? I just can’t wait, in summer so many cows graze up here in the Tappenkarsee area. And I simply love the ding-donging. Each bell has a different sound. That’s how I know exactly which cow is coming nearer to take a big gulp of water. Woohoo. That always tickles. Then when a whole herd comes, I have to laugh, that tickles me down to the very last drop of water.
A few hikers also think it’s pleasant to jump into my water. Others prefer just dipping their big toe into my ice-cold water. Thus, I’ve had to put up with many a sweaty and cheesy taste… But it doesn’t matter. I constantly get fresh mountain water. I can put up with a bit of cheese. Then I look forward to the wind. It always makes such big waves. I just have to be careful, that I haven’t drunk too much water beforehand – otherwise I get sea-sick.

Looking forward to summer

A little bird told me, that it could all be very different this summer… That people might prefer to stay at home and not want to meet up with others. People really are strange. Oh, now I remember. Corona. Ah well, when it’s all behind them, I’m ready. I like summer a lot and the hikers that visit me. They always seem so happy to see me after the steep ascent…

Tips & Info: Here you can find the hiking route to Tappenkarsee.

Photo credits: Wagrain-Kleinarl Tourismus, Agnes Moser, Elisabeth Hartl, Belina Huttegger