KUHbidu Family Adventure Trail – a mooving experience for all ages

The tour starts at the valley station of the Grafenberg cable car in Wagrain. A quick high-five with the Wagraini mascot, into the cable car and off up Wagraini’s Grafenberg, escape the heat of late summer and go on a journey of discovery in the footsteps
At 1,720 metres above sea level, we take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air while already spotting the KUHbidu sign and the herd of wooden cows at the mountain station of the Grafenberg cable car. The children can hardly wait and run towards the herd to pick up the KUHbidu puzzle pass and start the mooving adventure.
Do you know what a cow eats? And where does milk actually come from? Since summer 2020, the KUHbidu family adventure trail has been located on Wagrainis Grafenberg. Here, spread over ten stations, important information and exciting background knowledge about regional alpine pasture and livestock farming is conveyed in a child-friendly way. At each of these stations a riddle has to be solved. The answer can then be scratched off the puzzle pass. Once all the stations have been completed, the scratched fields yield a solution word. Will we uncover the solution today? No sooner have you arrived in the realm of the cows than you have already completed the first task and the first letter of the solution word appears on the puzzle pass. Without wasting much time, we continue via the Hachau slide to the next puzzle stations. Between the individual tasks, we keep stopping at the surrounding attractions, such as the ropes course, the climbing wall or the swing forest, and really let off steam. More and more fields are scratched free and the solution word slowly takes shape. On our journey, we pass the cow scales that tell us how much a calf weighs at birth, and in the children's dairy we finally uncover the secret of how cheese is actually made from milk. We also enter the realm of the bees, where we learn what the queen bee feeds on and we are allowed to see the world through her eyes for a moment.

Shortly before solving the riddle, we stop at one of the two huts along the KUHbidu family adventure trail, because those who solve the riddles so diligently deserve refreshments. There are two huts along the 1.5 km long circular trail, the Grossunterbergalm and the Hachaualm, where you can recharge your batteries for the next tasks.Go to overview of huts: https://bit.ly/3c7B7le

With renewed vigour, we go to the last stations and solve all the tasks. And the solution word is: .... Well, we can't make it that easy for you, can we? Do you also want to solve the riddle and learn new, exciting things about alpine pasture and livestock farming? Then visit us at the KUHbidu - family adventure trail on Wagraini’s Grafenberg. By the way: If you solve the riddle completely, you can pick up a little surprise at the valley station of the Grafenberg cable car on your way home.

Go to overview of huts: https://bit.ly/3c7B7le

Here you’ll find the opening times: https://www.snow-space.com/wagrainis-grafenberg

Tip: The KUHbidu family adventure trail is approx. 1.5 km long and easily accessible with a pushchair. In any case, don't forget to wear good shoes and weatherproof clothing!

photo credits: _wicked.adventures_