Say “I Do“ at the Unterhofalm in Filzmoos - A dream wedding at the foot of the majestic Bischofsmütze mountain

“It is, after all, one of the most important days in a person's life," I start my interview with Gabi Schörghofer this afternoon. "And what could be a more idyllic place for the most beautiful day in your life than a rustic alpine hut with an alpine lake, surrounded by the dreamlike scenery at the foot of the imposing Bischofsmütze!" Gabi answers with a broad smile on her face. Anyone who knows the Hofalm area will agree with her, because at 1,280 m above sea level at the foot of the Bischofsmütze mountain, set in the middle of a spectacular alpine basin, it's a great place to celebrate ;) . The first question that comes to my mind and is also of burning personal interest to me: "How many weddings have you organised in your "Unterhofalm career"?" "Well, I'd have to count the "hearts" first!", Gabi Schörghofer answers. In this blog post I tell you how many weddings there have actually been, what moving stories still move her to tears today and what the "Unterhofalm hearts" are all about.

"Say I do" in one of the most beautiful and idyllic spots in Salzburger Land

On this most important day in many people's lives, everything should be perfect. The dress, the flowers, the weather, the location and, best of all, the contact person who knows what you want. Gabi Schörghofer, the proprietor of the Unterhofalm in Filzmoos, is someone who really knows how to make this day perfect.

As already mentioned, I am most interested in how many weddings she has already organised and witnessed in the many years of her "Unterhofalm career".

"Well, I'd have to count the "hearts" first, but I think it must have been around 800 to 900 weddings," she answers. "A few years ago, we had 52 weddings in one year! Thursday, Friday, Saturday and also Monday," the Unterhofalm proprietor tells me.

What is the procedure?

Most newly engaged couples can hardly wait to finally celebrate their wedding. The requests for dates are therefore very early. Autumn is especially popular with local couples. Often the dates are set quite hastily by the couples without checking beforehand whether the other desired service providers such as registrars, photographers etc. are still available on that date. Many want to book a certain band or are particularly demanding when it comes to the wedding photos. I therefore advise my wedding couples to first enquire with the registry office, the photographer they trust and the wedding band and to fix everything else that is important to the bridal couple right away. So everything that doesn't concern me should be ordered or organised in advance," she tells me. To make it a unique day, Gabi works with professional and competent partners such as music groups, decorators, photographers and registrars and is also happy to give tips on how best to cover everything."I always say that planning a wedding is like building a jigsaw puzzle! You start with the most important part and build everything around it. If the bride and groom don't know our Alm yet, I ask them to drop by and get an idea. We have many cosy parlours for smaller weddings, but can also accommodate up to 200 wedding guests."

What were the most beautiful and emotional moments?

I'll say it right from the start: "Just telling this touching story brings tears to my eyes: "A few years ago, a wedding took place at the Almsee dream location in fantastic weather. The groom grew up with his grandparents, who were already very old and ill and living in an old people's home when he got married. The groom's brother surprised the couple by organising transport for the grandparents. With an ambulance and paramedic, grandma and grandpa travelled to the wedding that day and were thus able to be present at the wedding ceremony.""Another story that I will also never forget is the following: The bride's father was already old and ill and came to the wedding with two nurses. During the wedding ceremony, the bride turned around and said loudly "Daddy don't go to sleep! I am getting married!" After the ceremony at the Almsee, the father was tired and wanted to go home and passed away peacefully that evening - so he still really wanted to witness his daughter's wedding."

What advice do you give to brides and grooms?

"The location at Almsee is simply unique, idyllic and beautiful! Personally, I always love it when the bride and her father walk past the wedding guests standing to form a trellis and are welcomed by her groom at the front of the altar. Go slowly and enjoy this magical moment! Here I have also seen many "strong men" very emotional. "I'm just getting married," Gabi got as a reply from one of the gentlemen. Waiting at the altar for his beautiful bride, he then became very emotional after all."Gabi thinks for a moment and says: "I still often get teary-eyed at weddings, even though I've been to countless celebrations! And I'm also nervous at every single wedding, you can believe me!" she says and smiles. As a globetrotter, I am of course also very interested in where the most well-travelled couple came from.I really didn't expect this answer: "From Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Sweden, etc., Gabi tells me."In our little alpine kitchen, the bride's mother even once prepared a sweet and sour bean soup for the dessert buffet for a Chinese woman from Hong Kong!"

Finally, let's find out what the "Unterhofalm hearts" are all about: Every bride and groom gets a red "Unterhofalm heart" with the name of the bride and groom, which the bride and groom screw on themselves in the wedding register, directly at the Alm. I find this a really beautiful gesture and memory for THE dream wedding in the mountains of Filzmoos. If you are looking for a dream wedding in the mountains, then the Unterhofalm at the foot of the majestic Bischofsmütze is the place for you. What makes this place so special? Well, it's best if you come and see for yourself ;)

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