Hotting up at the cool winter barbecue at the Reitlehenalm

As soon as the temperatures get colder and the days shorter, barbecue equipment is mothballed. We all know this. Why is that? Especially in winter, preferably in the snow and in the mountains at over 1,300 m, culinary outdoor activities are a hit. So, what could be better than sitting around a warming fire bowl with family and friends, enjoying delicacies from the grill and a hot drink?
No sooner said than done. I really want to experience it and sign up for the LaKra mountain barbecue at the over 500-year-old Reitlehenalm in Altenmarkt. Simply brilliant - the atmosphere, the mountain landscape with the Lackenkogel, the starry sky captivate me immediately when I arrive at the Reitlehenalm belonging to the Schneider family - and the culinary experience hasn't even begun yet. Torches light up the scenery, candles in large lanterns provide cosy light, as does the crackling fire in rustic bowls - a scene I won't forget in a hurry. Enough raving about the atmosphere. One by one, friends of mountain barbecuing from near and far arrive at the culinary pleasure island. To set the mood for the evening, the aperitif is enjoyed in front of the "Liebmalerei" art gallery by Johanna Schneider. Then we take a seat on wooden benches, wrap ourselves in warm woollen blankets and we're ready to go - mountain barbecuing at the Reitlehenalm!
The grill master has already lit the logs in the steel body of the LaKra grill bowl beforehand. Incidentally, the bowls come from St. Martin am Tennengebirge, very close to Altenmarkt. The grill surface, which is made of so-called Corten steel, not only makes it easy to use but, most importantly, allows food to be prepared over an open flame in a nutrition-conscious way. At least that is what LaKra junior manager Ann-Katrin Langegger-Krallinger confirms to me, who did not miss the opportunity to enjoy the "LaKra mountain barbecuing" show barbecue organised by the Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourism Association. Grill master Gerald Hochgatterer also raves: "The location is great, the atmosphere is brilliant. There is no better winter barbecue spot, I can really deliver good quality here!" I've been told that the cold months are just the right time to prepare sumptuous dishes with wonderful flavours. And because sub-zero temperatures are no longer an obstacle to firing up the barbecue, winter barbecuing promises completely new taste experiences - at LaKra Mountain Barbecuing, farm-fresh alpine ingredients of the highest quality from the region make sure of that. To be honest: they virtually fulfil the longing of many people for authenticity, variety and distinctiveness.
What's on the table? Now I'm curious? First, I get a an amuse-gueule - glazed BBQ pork sticks with sesame seeds, a pulled smoked trout, a wild ragout, smoked roast beef and, as the icing on the cake, a chocolate brownie! All dishes are of course also available in vegetarian versions, but please state at time of booking if required. There is also live music - a saxophonist plays exactly the right pieces of relaxing and quiet tones on his instrument ...
  • Fri 10 + 24.3.2023, 6 - 10 pm
  • € 65/adult incl. aperitif, amuse-gueule & 4 courses and shuttle service (excl. drinks), € 35/child (10 - 14 yrs.) incl. aperitif, amuse-gueule & 4 courses and shuttle service (excl. drinks) - Meeting point: Reitlehenalm, Altenmarkt
  • Registration until Tuesday (of the previous week) 5pm at the Altenmarkt-Zauchensee Tourist Office Altenmarkt-Zauchensee
photo credits: Chris Perkles