Hotel Sportalmmm Voilà! Zauchensee Summits - Summit on the summit

While skiers on Zauchensee's pistes are still enjoying the glorious spring snow on Zauchensee's slopes, preparations are in full swing at the Hotel Sportalmmm for an extraordinary project, the "Zauchensee Summits". "Zauchensee Summits"? They are an adventure into which hotel boss Roland Dolschek and the "Zauchensee Summit Dessl Dolschek OG" will be embarking on this year. Future topics from all fields are on the programme for the early summer and autumn. The participants will discuss these topics and discuss them with experienced coaches, renowned keynote speakers and inspiring MasterMind hiking guides. And all of this against the backdrop of a fascinating mountain world and amid the green alpine meadows of the Salzburger Sportwelt. What more could you wish for?I met Roland Dolschek in the foyer of the Hotel Sportalmmm and naturally wanted to find out more about the "Zauchensee Summits" over coffee and a tour of the hotel.

Roland Dolschek: In our time, no stone is left unturned. There are many questions to which answers urgently need to be found. Many developments were foreseeable. Recognising them or responding to them, however, means leaving the comfort zone. Many "soft" factors are becoming the focus of attention. employees become much more like co-entrepreneurs. What used to work is no longer effective, because we are in the middle of a new era - on many levels. Exchanging experiences in such situations and hearing the experiences of others can inspire one's own actions. Creating a format for this is our motivation and our aspiration.

Why in Zauchensee of all places?

Zauchensee is situated at 1,400m, the magnificent peaks and the green alpine meadows are the special setting of the summit meeting away from classic seminars. Get out of the office, out of the lecture halls, out of the hamster wheel, into the power of the mountains. Those who set out on the path get something moving. If you’re always in the same place, you can't change your perspective. A geographical change of view and outdoor sessions will give your thoughts wings. And not only that: we attach great importance to self-care and aim to sharpen your awareness. Taking good care of oneself is a foreign word for many. The change of scenery on these 3 days serves as a source of strength and an "up-load". Being in good company, the feel-good atmosphere in the Sportalmmm, the culinary highlights at dinner, morning impulses on the alpine pasture - Zauchensee is simply an ideal place for future thinkers.

Barbara Behrendt:

What type of people are you targeting?

At this summit, entrepreneurs, executives, HR managers from a wide variety of sectors HR managers from companies in a wide range of sectors and local authorities. future thinkers who are pursuing similar goals. Here they meet at eye level, as it's all about working together.

What are the other advantages of the 3-day Summits?

For example, there will only be 35 people per event, because Zauchensee Summits focus on individuality instead of mass. Everyone who attends deserves the necessary space to grow, give and take. There will be impulses from renowned speakers, a hike with Michael Walchhofer and Michi Kirchgasser, morning impulses on the alpine pastures, Walk&Talk sessions where your own challenges are discussed. But it is very important that all participants are strengthened and, above all with concrete, realistic options for action.Strengthened by the impulses, by the dialogues with colleagues, and, above all, by the special setting away from classic seminars and conferences. The power of the mountains and the fascination of the water give thoughts and unfold the highest potential. The enjoyment and pleasure with which chef Philipp Dolschek enchants with his culinary highlights; result in the uniqueness of this high-quality offer.

Now I am curious about this year's Summit topics.Summit

#1 is the Special Summit "Recharge your batteries in the mountains - relaxation days for caring relatives" (Fri 9<sup>th</sup> to Sun 11<sup>th</sup> June and Fri 22<sup>nd</sup> to Sun 24<sup>th</sup> September) – which means, we reward those, who make an extraordinary contribution every day, an enjoyable break. Lectures and impulses alternate with recharging your batteries in the mountains.

Summit #2 (Mon 12<sup>th</sup> to Wed 14<sup>th</sup> June and Mon 11<sup>th</sup> to Wed 13<sup>th</sup> September) will have the theme "In dynamic times: the successful way out of "officialdom" - this is about modern and successful management of municipal offices.

Summit #3: "There is no turning back - let's make the best of the current situation" - means: rolling up our sleeves now, using the dangers and crises as an opportunity. Especially when it comes to recruiting and retaining employees. (Wed 14<sup> th</sup> to Fri 16<sup> th</sup> June and Wed 13<sup> th</sup> to 15<sup>th</sup> September).

Summit #4 is aimed at tourism professionals: "Challenging times in tourism: you don't have to go through it alone." (Mon 19<sup>th</sup> to Wed 21<sup>st</sup> June and Mon 18<sup>th</sup> to 20<sup>th</sup> September).

Summit #5 deals with the topic "Hierarchical leadership has had its day - what's next?” (Wed 21<sup>st</sup> to Fri 23<sup>rd</sup> June and Wed 20<sup>th</sup> to Fri 22<sup>nd</sup> September)

Finally, I would like to ask what the Hotel Sportalmmm's new idea of "Adults Only" is all about?

That is quite easy to answer: For example, with our two most important packages "Soul Refresh Zauchensee" and "Sportalmmm Summer Days ", we want to offer parents and adults special time out when they are away without children: Peace, enjoyment, plenty of space for themselves, and a week's package that includes a guided e-bike tour, two guided hikes plus a herb walk.In addition, both offers include great culinary delights from the Sportalmmm kitchen. What more do you wish for?

More information about the Zauchensee summits you can find here.

photo credits: Christian Schartner, Hotel Sportalm Zauchensee, Tourismusverband Altenmarkt-Zauchensee